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FFI | Projects

FFI's Projects

One of FFI's strengths is our ability to nimbly adapt to our local and global communities' needs as the world changes. While we maintain our leadership program offerings throughout the year, we also embark on several new projects annually as well. These projects are either self-determined pilots for potential future programs or requests from individuals, organizations, and foundations to design and develop new approaches to challenges in their communities worldwide. Below is a sampling of recent projects that FFI has undertaken.

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FFI | Originals

Bringing indie projects the support they need

FFI has begun to produce its own original content to support our mission. Current projects include the production of the short film Soft Grasses, an award-winning movie from Shadi Habib-Allah, which traces the steps of a Palestinian navigating his heart and the streets of East Jerusalem after the death of his elderly father.

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FFI | Impacts of Social Isolation on Seniors

Alumni-Driven Collaboration

With support from the Tufts Health Foundation, FFI is developing an analysis of the impact of social isolation on seniors in care and how we can translate our existing programming to serve this vulnerable and marginalized population.

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FFI | Living the Language

Immersion program for adults

With support from the George Link Jr. Trust, FFI developed a three- to six-week program for adults from the USA to embed themselves in an Arab community in Israel and be an English speaking support tutor for local elementary schools. Living with teachers from the school, the FFI participants from the US became cultural ambassadors. They were able to bring a valuable skillset to the schools while also becoming fully engaged with the Arab community.

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FFI | In Residence

Supporting cultural and artistic exchange

Starting in 2017, FFI has welcomed artists, visionaries, and volunteers to stay at the Farmhouse for residencies. These residencies include work with FFI's programs and a gallery opening or speaking engagement open to the public. If you or someone you know someone are interested in a residency with FFI, contact us using the button below!

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