Our Philosophy & Curriculum



These values guide our programs and philosophy for curriculum development.

R. Identifying RESILIENCE

We work to increase our participant's confidence in their ability to overcome challenges by encouraging them to face their fears and view failure as an opportunity to learn.

E. Practicing EMPATHY

FFI strengthens empathy by connecting participants to people from a variety of backgrounds and life stories. By seeing life from other perspectives, participants are better able to relate to those with different views and opinions than their own.

C. Strengthening COMMUNICATION

We give our participants the skills necessary to effectively share their stories while at the same time truly listening to the stories of others.

I. Achieving IMPACT

Our program helps participants identify creative solutions to problems in their community and provides them with the tools to turn their ideas into reality.

P. Encouraging PLAYFULNESS

FFI recognizes the importance of play as a way to promote creativity, develop friendships, and practice skills in a fun and engaging way.

E. Giving EFFORT

A successful program relies on commitment and determination. The more effort participants put into the program, the more impact they will have.

More information about our philosophy and curriculum coming soon!



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