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True Engagement

Bringing the World to Your Backyard

Over the last three decades, FFI has learned that we are most effective in our leadership programs when the entire family is engaged in the process. Therefore we have decided to design specific family-oriented programs for families that want to increase their communication and connection. Based on our course library, these workshops focus on Identity, Communication, Oral History, and more.

Generational Giving

Model Service

 The Generations Family Giving Program is a platform for American families to engage all generations in philanthropy. We believe youth are underutilized assets in the charitable contribution decision-making process and should become involved at an earlier age. 

Kristen and Levi CFW.jpg

Each Generations group is comprised of a handful of young donors, ages 10-18, their parents and/or grandparents*. Generations provide American students the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a series of meetings with Friends Forever International staff to learn about the giving process and how to work as a team to prioritize, decide where their family’s support will go, and establish metrics for success.

  • See the effects of their sponsored programs through a site visit and Q&A session with participants to witness their donation dollars in action.

  • Present their decision making process and evaluation of outcomes to the Friends Forever International Board of Directors.

* With an annual family pledge of $25,000

NI alumni family.jpg

​Our innovative giving program provides an opportunity for young people to learn first-hand the process of philanthropic giving. A donation through FFI will prepare a child or young adult for a lifetime of global understanding, serving others, and becoming aware of the unique responsibilities that come with a philanthropic lifestyle.

We encourage all families to consider participating in a Generations Family Giving Program in their community and passing on our mission from one generation to the next. ​

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