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Your Gift

Every gift is important to us. The act of giving implies a grasp of our mission and a belief that we can accomplish it together. We accept each gift and donation with the understanding that we have a pact with the donor to invest their support in the most effective means possible and to apply their input where possible.

Thank you.

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Choose Your Amount

Every gift matters. Choose to give what you can today.


Gear Up, $50

Supports the cost of a hoodie, water bottle, and backpack for one participant.

Fuel the Peace, $150

Supports the cost of fuel for one week of transportation for a team in a 15-passenger van.

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Feed the Peace, $250

Support the cost of one plant-based meal for a team.

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Playfulness, $500

Supports one activity for a team.


Effort, $1,500

Supports the full cost of one day of program activities.

Resilience, $3,000

Supports the full cost for one participant to experience a full two-week FFI program.

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Communication, $6,000

Supports the full costs of an FFI
program for two participants.

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Empathy, $12,000

Supports the full cost of an FFI program for four participants.


Impact, $30,000

Supports the full cost of an FFI program for a team of ten participants.

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Thank you!

For supporting youth leaders

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