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Our Curriculum


This is an "out of the box" time and the world needs "out of the box" programs. FFI's curriculum is designed to be uniquely adaptable to each team and its individual participants. Below you will find some of our course offerings and our curriculum components. FFI will work with you to outline specific objectives and provide you with a quote to design and implement your tailored program. Just visit our "How To Apply" page.


Individual Leadership Plans

Tailoring Programs For Impact

FFI has developed an innovative approach to leadership and life development for our participants, called Individual Leadership Plans (ILPS). Specifically, FFI staff build a personalized plan for each participant that we use alongside the participant to measure their progress throughout the program and at the culmination. FFI uses a multipronged approach to design tailored programs and objectives for each individual that align with their team goals.

Curriculum Concentrations

Creativity & Arts
Healthy Living
Adventure Ed
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Our leadership method

FFI focuses on teaching social, communication, and goal-setting skills through rigorous practice. We build empathic leaders by combining their passion to build a better world with the skills required to make it a reality.

Team Building

These modules create a safe environment to improve team cohesion, lay a foundation for future work, and demonstrate the impact that a team can have when working together.


  • Improve teamwork

  • Provide a safe space for

  • expression

  • Identify strengths,

  • weaknesses, and interests

  • Set team and individual goals

Compassionate Communication

These modules are designed to introduce the theory and practice of Compassionate Communication in both individual experience and group dynamics.


  • Learn the Compassionate Communication structure

  • Develop tools for navigating emotions in communication

  • Develop active listening and observation skills

  • Learn and practice empathetic communication techniques

  • Explore the mediator role

  • Partake in active dialogue

Public Speaking

These modules empower participants to be confident speaking in front of people and learn how to write a strong speech.


  • Gain confidence in public speaking

  • Learn to share one's story

  • Experience real-life public speaking


These modules help participants learn about themselves and their teammates. How does identity shape life experiences?


  • Explore and understand individual experiences

  • Learn about how stereotyping, inequality, and privilege impact opportunity

  • Understand each individual's identity both in how they see themselves and how others see them

Goal Setting

Participants will learn the process of how to identify what they want to achieve for themselves and for their communities both now and in the future.


  • Learn to organize one's vision

  • Introduce a goal setting method

  • Provide concrete action steps to achieving goals


As the closing module for all
30- and 18-Session Programs,
participants will look back on
their program, identify moments
of growth, and explore what
comes next.


  • Reflect on the skills learned

  • throughout the program

  • Understand next steps

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Our approach to multiculturalism

FFI is built on the idea that cultural exchange fosters compassion, empathy, and understanding of all cultures, histories, and viewpoints. Our global network, cultivated over three decades, makes FFI uniquely qualified to provide cultural exchange. In these courses, participants will interact directly with our global alumni.

Northern Irish Cultural Exchange

In this course, participants will learn about Northern Ireland's culture, traditions, and conflict directly from FFI alumni.


  • Explore Northern Irish culture

  • Introduce Northern Ireland's institutions and geography

  • Understand both perspectives of the Northern Ireland Conflict

Jewish Israeli/Palestinian Israeli Cultural Exchange

In this course, participants will learn about Jewish Israeli/Palestinian Israeli culture, traditions, and conflict directly from FFI alumni.


  • Explore Jewish Israeli/Palestinian Israeli culture

  • Introduce Israel's institutions and geography

  • Understand both perspectives of the Jewish Israeli/Palestinian Israeli conflict


In this course, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own family history and how it relates to their community's history.


  • Gain deeper knowledge of family history

  • Learn interview skills

  • Start understanding community history

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Creativity & Arts

Exploring expression and activism

Recognizing the positive impact creativity has on the human brain, this part of our curriculum involves introducing our participants to different types of artistic mediums and ways they can utilize them!

Creative Writing

In this course, participants will learn and practice creative writing styles. They will learn to share their stories using diverse writing practices.


  • Gain knowledge of creative writing

  • Develop creative writing skills

  • Produce a final creative writing piece

Hands-On Art

These modules are designed to provide access to art and to emphasize playfulness. Participants will create multiple pieces as they explore a variety of mediums.


  • Increase exposure to hands-on art

  • Learn new art mediums

  • Understand the intersection of art and social change


This course empowers participants to be photographers by exploring the basics of taking photos, editing, and different photography styles. Participants will take and edit photos to effectively tell a story.


  • Learn the basics of photography

  • Explore different styles of photography

  • Understand the intersection of photography and social change

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People, passion, planet

FFI knows that the most essential conflict in need of transformation today is that between humans and the planet we reside on. In this concentration, we explore new ways of understanding the interdependence of species, our impact on our environment, and how we relate to the natural world.

Flora & Fauna

Sustainable Agriculture

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Healthy Living

Reducing conflict in ourselves

FFI challenges the traditional Western approaches to healthy living and sees it as a more holistic way of life. We understand that one's health is reflected physically, mentally, and spiritually. These courses are designed to provide a deeper knowledge of how individuals and communities can begin to attain optimal health on all levels.



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Adventure Education

Finding connection in the outdoors

Life is without meaning if it is without adventure. FFI has designed these courses to focus on integrating the five senses with a variety of challenging programs in different environments to create a unique active learning experience.