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Environmental Leadership

With initiatives like our solar array, composting for all programs, and super-efficient heating and cooling units across our Durham, NH campus, Friends Forever International is making strides to protect our planet for future leaders.

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Solar Energy at FFI

During the major 2016 renovations to the Office, 45 solar panels were installed on the roof by Revision Energy. This array generated an average of 14,750 kWh annually over the last 4 years and has saved over 95 thousand lbs of CO2 emissions since its installation. In 2020, May broke the record for most energy generated in a single month at FFI with 2,021 kWh! You can explore more of our solar array's numbers at our Energy Dashboard!

A special thanks to the Josephine A. Lamprey Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for coming together to sponsor the panels and their installation.

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Eco-Conscious Programming

FFI is moving forward with changes to align our programs with sustainable practices, including plant-based programs. This shows in our programs as we create space for our leaders to engage with topics like food scarcity, waste streams, and the importance of nature to health.

Food and Us

Where does our food come from, and how was it grown? These are some of the questions FFI helps our participants address through activities like gleaning with NH Gleans, gardening in the Peace Garden, and learning about nutrition and cooking with Charlotte from Emery Farms.


Sustainable Future

The future of our environmentally focused programs is based in Belize, where FFI just acquired property along a beautiful river. Learn more about the Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy here.

As FFI moves forward, we'll continue to develop our sustainability strategy and address our environmental impacts wherever we can. FFI recognizes the need to protect our planet for the future leaders we work with every day.

To learn more about our environmental leadership or to get involved, call 603.397.5301 or email Steve at

Donate to our sustainable goals by clicking the button at the top of the page and selecting "Environmental Leadership" in the program section.

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