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Meet the FFI Team


Steve Martineau

Executive Director

Stephen joined Friends Forever International as its Executive Director in November 2005, after having spent time working with Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina, the Children’s Museum of Boston, and MYTOWN, an innovative inner-city youth organization in Boston, MA. Over the last twelve years, Stephen's tenure has seen FFI expand to multiple sites across the continental United States, the establishment of Friends Forever Europe in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the formation of partnerships and FFI programs in the Middle East, and the acquisition and renovation of the Friends Forever International Campus in Durham, NH, a 2.6-acre space devoted to peace and leadership development.  

In addition to nearly two decades of high-level expertise in the field of NGO's, Stephen brings to Friends Forever International a genuine passion for building active leaders through service on the local and global levels by empowering the most underutilized asset in the world today: youth.


Amelia Burke

Special Projects Manager

Amelia came to FFI in January 2019 as an AmeriCorps VISTA member and then became Special Projects Coordinator in 2020 (and now Manager). As FFI's Special Projects Manager, she coordinates our alumni movement and works on event planning, grant preparation, and other projects.

Prior to joining FFI, she worked with international students and scholars to support them in getting their visas to study/work in the United States. She has her Master's in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute and a Bachelor's in French and Global Studies from Salve Regina University. She is very excited to be with FFI to continue to support international youth.


Rachel Byrd

AmeriCorps VISTA

Rachel is a nomad by design and AmeriCorps VISTA by trade. Before coming to FFI in June 2021, she was the program coordinator for the virtual learning program at an elementary school in rural Arkansas. Prior to that, she taught English at a bilingual kindergarten in Moscow, Russia. She has lived in five countries and has developed a passion for fostering international cooperation and understanding as a result.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in International Studies and Political Science from the University of Memphis. She also attended the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic to become a certified teacher of English as a foreign language.


Natalie Gauthier

Volunteer Coordinator

Natalie joined Friends Forever International as a participant in 2018 as part of the first team out of Spaulding Highschool in Rochester, NH. Since then, she has gone on to join the Alumni Movement and was named our 2019 Eileen D. Foley fellow. Natalie has also done an internship with FFI, completed our program in NOLA, and been a part of three alumni teams. Most recently, she led virtual workshops and in-person programs for our Nationwide Teams. She is excited to continue her engagement with the Alumni Movement and fulfill her new role as our volunteer coordinator.

Natalie is currently attending UNH as a dual major in Political Science and International Affairs with Arabic as her chosen language of study. She aims to build a fulfilling career working internationally to help others in whatever capacity possible.


Our Board

Past Board Members

Karen Babin | Steve Barndollar | Guy K. Buesing | Terry Conner | Rick Considine | Thomas E. Coughlin | Elizabeth Dehn | Paul Draper | Joe Durek | David Eliot | Diane Foley | Patrick (Pat) Forestell | Rick Gilmore | John Herbert | Bill Holt | Ida Keir | Craig Kelleher | Anne Kelly | Elizabeth Kennedy | Ira Korinow | Dick Manelis | Jeff McLean | Neal Ouellett | Rick Page | Laura Peterson | Robert (Bob) Raiche - Founder | Anne Romney | Leslie Schwartz | Leonard Seagren | Diane M. Seagren | Gary Speers | 

Gordon Thomson | Rosemary (Pidge) Tyson


Jameson French

Board Chair

Current Position: CEO of Northland Forest Products, Inc.

Community Involvement (current):​

Quebec Labrador Foundation, Chair | Land Trust Alliance, Chair | American Forest Foundation, Vice Chair | National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, Vice-Chair | Prescott Park Arts Festival, Immediate Past Chair

Previous Experience:

Society for the Protection of NH Forests, Chair | Strawberry Banke Museum, Chair | Portsmouth Music Hall, co-founder | NH Charitable Foundation, Past Treasurer, Vice-Chair | City of Portsmouth Trust Funds, Chair | Hardwood Federation, Chair | Foundation for Seacoast Health, Chair | Forest Stewardship Council (USA), Chair

Advisory Board

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Leslie Schwartz

“I've been involved with Friends Forever since the mid-1990’s. Friends Forever’s unique model and programming, upon which its measurable successes are built, have kept me continuously engaged these many years. Albeit soft-sounding in name, Friends Forever is highly professional and focused with respect to its objectives.”

Senior Volunteers

FFI is driven by passionate team members including a select group of dedicated senior volunteers.

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Leonard Seagren

Chelsea Fitton

Bev Lauer

Influential Rotarians & Volunteers

Tom Arthur | Al Bergeron | Paul Beswick | Mike Carbee | Poppy Carbee | David Considine | Marcia Considine | Tom Corcoran | Dick Crabtree | Ray Doucette | Carole Elliot | Tom Elliot | Rita Fleming | Theresa Holt | Linda Horstmann | Audrey Jackson | Mark Kelliher | Rebecca Kelliher | Ellen LaBrie | Carolyn Lambert | Jackie Mahoney | Ardis Manelis | Bob Mansfield | Steve Marcus | Linda McDonough | Larry McNeill | Kathy Moreau | Scott Moreau | John Morrow | Cecilia Mulkern | Pat Novello | Josh O'Brien | James Petersen | Mort Schmidt | Kevin Tarpley | Charles (Chuck) Thibeault | Janet Thibeault | Jonathan Tymann | Dudley (Butch) Tyson