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Friends Forever Europe

In 2010, Friends Forever International opened its sister organization in Belfast, Northern Ireland with a focus on re-engaging graduates from our Northern Ireland program and coordinating our existing partnerships in the region.  

The mission of our European branch is as follows:

  • To re-engage the over 1,500 graduates of our Northern Ireland program with our current programs and volunteer opportunities across the region. Our Alumni Reconciliation program is geared toward reconnecting alumni, providing mentoring to younger Friends Forever participants and leveraging their personal and professional skills to lead service projects both large and small that unite all Northern Irish communities (gender, ethnicity, age, religious, etc.).​

  • To continue our innovative programs in the communities we currently work, as well as targeting new ones that can benefit from our work.​

  • To raise our profile and create opportunities for individuals, foundations, and businesses with an interest in a stable Northern Ireland to support our mission.


Julie Tosh, Administrator/Bookkeeper

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Friends Forever Europe Local Giving

World Peace...Grown Locally

FFI Europe's principle purpose is to promote cross-community work through youth-focused programming. Through volunteer service projects and intensive communication and collaboration activities, FFI inspires a new generation of youth leaders to be confident and empowered ambassadors for peace in their own families, schools, and communities. Youth participants and adult educators from all over Northern Ireland are the direct beneficiaries of FFI's work. Secondary

Our impact on the community

Each year we directly serve 40 cross-community youth in our intense leadership program. However, these 40 youth, in turn, impact hundreds more with volunteer projects that focus on all members of society. Your support will assist in these projects!


FFE Board


General Secretary

Stephen Martineau

FFI Executive Director


1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH, USA



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