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FFI Volunteering For YOU

We hold service-learning as a core value for our programs. Every team in our programs completes at least one significant and meaningful volunteer activity.

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Event Volunteers

Day-of volunteer: These are one-time volunteer opportunities on the day of the event. These activities vary by event and range from registering guests and handing out t-shirts to running a 50/50 raffle and monitoring a putting green competition.


Program Volunteers

Ways for volunteers to take part in our programs include:

  • Joining a group on a mountain hike or other team-building activity

  • Give a tour of your school, organization, or workplace

  • Hosting a group dinner at your home, or sponsoring a dinner out

  • Offering your residence or vacation home to host the group for their time here

  • Organizing a group community service project or multi-cultural activity

  • Soliciting local grocery stores or gas stations for in-kind donations


Garden Volunteers

The Friends Forever International Peace Garden is a true community garden, which could never have been built without the hard work, resources, and dedication of our wonderful volunteers! All of our supporters are welcome & encouraged to visit as our garden grows and take some vegetables home. 

We are currently looking for a dedicated team or organization to take on the garden's day-to-day care. If you are interested in being a part of this team, please contact Amelia at

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Volunteer Events

Volunteer Events generally occur once a quarter for our newsletter mailings, although we also host others for special event mailings and other projects.

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Residential Hosts

Any local homeowner can host alumni or a team during their stay in the US as long as they meet the requirements below. Our repeat hosts find this to be a life-changing experience that gives them insight into another culture, all while helping the next generation of youth become leaders!

Housing Requirements (for a team): 

  • At least 4 Bedrooms (1 for 5 female youth, 1 for 5 male youth, 2 additional rooms for the adult leadership team).**

  • At least 2 Full Bathrooms 

  • An area for Team Meeting (ex. living room)

  • Kitchen

  • Group Dining Area

If you are interested in hosting alumni, contact Amelia directly at

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