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Part of what makes Friends Forever International an unique organization are the opportunities available for people from all backgrounds to participate first-hand in the international peace process. There are many different ways for our supporters to get involved in our efforts to grow world peace at the local level. At FFI we sit down with each of our volunteers to develop a customized work plan to best utilize volunteer’s skills and ensure a fulfilling experience for all.

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Event Volunteer Opportunities

Our events provide opportunities for those who would like to contribute to FFI’s mission with volunteer hours, in-kind support, or sponsorships.


Types of event volunteer opportunities:

  • Planning committee: Volunteers on an event planning committee will be involved in the development stages of the event. These activities vary by committee but involve things such as soliciting sponsorship or donations from local businesses and vendors, recruiting participation and promoting the event.

  • Day-of volunteer: These are one-time volunteer opportunities on the day of the event. These activities vary by event and range from registering guests and handing out t-shirts to running a 50/50 raffle and monitoring a putting green competition.


Program Volunteer Opportunities

Our programs are designed to provide members of our U.S. host communities with opportunities to spend face-to-face time with our dynamic youth leaders. There are a variety of ways for volunteers to become involved in our programs during the Skill Building Phase, both when the youth are in the United States and the months leading up to their arrival.


Ways for volunteers to take part in our programs include:

  • Joining a group on a mountain hike or other team building activity

  • Hosting a group dinner at your home, or sponsoring a dinner out

  • Offering your residence or vacation home to host the group for their time here

  • Organizing a group community service project or multi-cultural activity

  • Soliciting local grocery stores or gas stations for in-kind donations


Mission Volunteer Opportunities

Mission Volunteers are the backbone volunteers of our organization. They organize and recruit other volunteers, represent Friends Forever International at community events, and even raise the funds necessary to establish programs in a new U.S. Host Community. While they are highly qualified to help with significant fundraising and promotional activities, mission volunteers are always the first ones willing to come into the office and stuff envelopes!


FFI is the only organization that allows everyday citizens from all walks of life throughout the United States to directly participate in the international peace process. We provide the support and guidance needed to empower your community to host a two-week FFI peace program and to see the difference you are making first hand.


If you believe your community would be a great location for the next FFI team, please contact our Executive Director, Stephen Martineau at steve@ff.international or 603-397-5301


Garden Volunteer Opportunities

Originally installed in 2015 and recently revived and enlarged in 2017, the Friends Forever International Peace Garden is a true community garden, which could never have been built without the hard work, resources, and dedication of our wonderful volunteers!  All of our supporters are welcome & encouraged to visit as our produce grows, and to take some home with them. 


We are currently looking for a dedicated team or organization to take on the day to day care of the garden. If you are interested in being a part of this team, please contact Katiemae at katiemae@ff.international.



Check out pictures of the gardens below!


Volunteer Events

Volunteer Events generally occur once a quarter for our newsletter mailings, although we also host others for special event mailings and other projects. Many of our nights happen at the Peace Campus in Durham, NH but check with your local chapter for events near you.


Check our Events Calendar or follow our Facebook page to hear about the next Volunteer Night!


For more information or to RSVP for a Volunteer Night, contact Katiemae at katiemae@ff.international.

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