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While a significant portion of our funds come from individual donors, Friends Forever International relies on local companies and organizations for their support as well. Witnessing corporations and employees working together has a lasting effect on our young people. It shows them the power of collaboration when working towards a common goal, a realization that has proven essential in making their work to promote peace in their home communities a success.

Friends Forever International works with a range of companies, be they Fortune 500 like Liberty Mutual or local corporations like Cranney Companies. No matter the size, all of our sponsors have the opportunity to interact with our program participants.  In exchange for their support, our youth visit and speak at companies during their time in the US, providing them with leadership opportunities while concurrently engaging employees in the international peace process.

Whether they make a financial contribution, sponsor an event or provide an in-kind donation, the corporations we work with always know where their money is going. 

Corporations interested in partnering with Friends Forever International should contact Tegan Kurzynowski at



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