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Diane M. Seagren
Rainforest Academy

Boom Creek, Belize

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The New Belize Campus

At the end of 2018, after months of complicated paperwork, FFI was gifted a 30-acre plot in Belize by a long-time supporter and community leader, Leonard Seagren. This generous gift will support future programs for adults and alumni focused on sustainability and environmental awareness and provide FFI with a global hub to deliver our programming to Central America.


Environmental Leadership

This campus in beautiful Belize will be a central part of our environmental goals. Currently, the land is largely undeveloped, with a single dormitory-style building. This is a benefit as we work with local people to design and build a campus that uses regional knowledge and building techniques that respect and help the land.

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Visit Belize

FFI is excited to offer the Diane M. Seagren Campus as a location for study abroad programs, corporate retreats, and nonprofit groups to stay! We can help craft a meaningful experience with programs and learning opportunities or simply assist with your travel arrangements.

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Support The Belize Campus

If you are interested in supporting construction on-site, including using the local workforce to rehabilitate the existing dormitory and the construction of a composting toilet station and bungalow classrooms, please contact to set up a time to talk.

Learn more about programs and the Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy, contact Steve by email, or call 603.397.5301. 

FFI Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy Wishlist

Looking for a way to support the new Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy? Pick an item from our wishlist to purchase and send it to our Headquarters in Durham, NH! The shipping address is 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03824.​

  • 3 chainsaws

  • Tents

  • Bug proof hammocks

Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy

Boom Creek, Belize

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