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Seasonal Reports

2023 Annual Report


2023 Statistics

In a post-program survey, participants from 2023 reported that:

89% agree that they made meaningful friendships during the program.


87% agree that they are more able to accept opinions different from their own.

81% agree that they are better able to see failure as important to their success.


87% agree that they are more likely to get involved in community service and volunteering.


87% agree that they strengthened their leadership skills during this program.


90% agree that they learned skills to help them communicate ideas more effectively. 


95% agree that they now listen to the thoughts of others with more empathy.


85% agree that they feel prepared to give a speech to 15-20 people of all ages.


95% agree that they found it valuable to meet community members.

92% agree that they can now accept that many people have different opinions than their own.

“I wanted to be more resilient so I made sure to break my own boundaries. Fall off the surfboard and try to catch another way. Dance and make a mistake, but then reset and start again. Being at FFI definitely helped me with that.”

Ruth, Indiana

2022 Annual Report

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