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The FFI journey doesn't end with the first program

Our alumni are our strongest asset. Alumni engagement has been a core component of FFI’s success over the last several years. In 2012, we brought back our first alumni to the United States to assist with programs. By the end of 2019, we have brought back over 30 alumni as program counselors and interns with more coming every year.

Unlike other organizations that work with youth - we keep our door open for any young people who have ever participated. Levels of engagement from subscribing to our email list to highly rigorous senior training program.

If you are interested in connecting with them, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Amelia Burke, at


Alumni Involvement


Program Trainers

Alumni Trainers are emerging as an important part of the Friends Forever International programs. Their work centers on leading workshops, activities, and working with 1st-year participants during their Team and Community Building phases as well as working with other alumni during Alumni Seminars. Program alumni are uniquely qualified to help 1st-year participants navigate the FFI Program. Having alumni as leaders throughout the program shows the participants how involvement can continue long after their FFI year has ended.

Alumni Fellowships

Friends Forever International has created several Fellowships to help our alumni continue to grow their impact and create change in their communities. Fellowships can take many forms, including named fellowships, which are more rigidly defined, and alumni-driven fellowships, which are more independently designed.

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Alumni Movement: Online

Using Google Classroom and other virtual tools, FFI manages a wide array of activities and connections for alumni.

If you are an FFI alumni and would like to get involved, contact Amelia or sign-up directly for the google classroom.

Alumni Ambassadors

Friends Forever International created the Alumni Ambassador positions as a way to for alumni to engage in the international community. Alumni Ambassadors are exceptional alumni that devote their own time to helping raise awareness about FFI and our mission. They work with other alumni and partner organizations to increase engagement at all points of the program.

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Alumni Projects

One of Friends Forever International's foremost goals is for the lessons of the program to last for a lifetime.  Past participants have created a variety of community service projects following their experiences in the United States, and we strongly support and encourage the development of self-directed alumni peace-building initiatives.

Alumni Advanced Training Program

This high-level program for our most engaged and advanced alumni includes a trip to our Gulf Coast region.


Curriculum Development

Our alumni work closely with FFI staff during their fellowships and training to improve and expand the ever-evolving FFI Curriculum.



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