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Alumni Projects

The FFI Impact

Alumni Driven Action

As a result of their life-changing experiences, over 1,700 alumni have encouraged their children, siblings, and neighbors to participate in our programs, creating a legacy of generations working towards real change in their communities.

We have been able to reconnect with many of our graduates thanks to social media, a process that remains ongoing. By organizing reunions and reaching out to those whose information we have, we hope that we will soon reconnect with all our past participants. Want to connect with FFI and other alumni? Join our GLOBAL ALUMNI Facebook group or contact Amelia at

Our alumni are continuing the mission of FFI by working to grow world peace in their home communities through alumni projects. They are holding peace workshops, establishing human rights days in their schools, conducting community-wide service projects, and even taking their experiences to stage. Do you have a project that you think will impact your community? Submit your idea below.

Submit Your Alumni Project Idea

This form is for FFI Global Alumni to submit their ideas and requests for alumni projects! All we ask is that you be thorough, descriptive, and creative. Think big, and ensure your project will make a positive impact on your community. Check out some examples of alumni projects below!

RiverWoods Partnership

Seniors find themselves increasingly marginalized in western society as a whole. For the last decade, FFI has pioneered the application of our unique program to working with seniors, specifically in assisted living facilities. This includes the innovative intersection between young and old and the empowering seniors to re-engage in the greater community. FFI is one of the few, if not the only, youth organization bringing our decades of learning to this new field.

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