Alumni Projects

One of Friends Forever International's foremost goals is for the lessons of the program to last for a lifetime.  Past participants have created a variety of community service projects following their experiences in the United States, and we strongly support and encourage the development of self-directed alumni peace-building initiatives. 

If you are an alumnus with an idea for a peace-building project and you're interested in FFI's support, please follow the link immediately below to complete a proposal submission form. You may also download and submit the PDF form to Chelsea or Steve. We're always thrilled to see alumni initiatives and can assist through providing expert guidance and access to our network of supporters and other contacts.

Just interested to reaching out to us in general? We love to hear back from our alumni- whether you'd like to discuss an ongoing venture or simply want to let us know where your life's journey has taken you, reach out to us using the link provided below.  

Completed Alumni Projects


As a result of their life-changing experiences, over 1,300 alumni have encouraged their children, siblings, and neighbors to participate in our programs, creating a legacy of generations working towards real change in their communities.


We have been able to reconnect with many of our graduates thanks to social media, a process which remains ongoing. Our sister organization, Friends Forever Europe, is currently of tracking down alumni from Northern Ireland, as are our partners in Israel.  Through organizing reunions and reaching out to those whose information we have, it is our hope that we will soon reconnect with all our past participants.


The extraordinary alumni we are connected with are continuing the mission of FFI by working to grow world peace in their home communities. They are holding peace workshops, establishing Human Rights days in their schools, conducting community-wide service projects and even taking their experiences to stage.



Four of our alumni from Northern Ireland took an 8-week course in suicide awareness and prevention to learn more about what people go through and how they can help. 



While in the United States, a group of alumni from our 2011 Israel program formed a special bond through a shared passion for music and the performing arts. Once home, they inspired their high school drama departments to collaborate on a producing a musical based on their experiences with Friends Forever. The musical, with a cast of 40 Jewish and Arab Israeli youth, has packed theaters in Israel, Switzerland, England and Germany.  A documentary is being produced about Step by Step, as they continue their international tour with prospective stops in the United States.


After graduating from Friends Forever, Richard Spratt went on to become the CEO of Fields of Life, a UK based non-profit that is committed to changing lives and building sustainable communities in East Africa. 

“My past experiences with community service and the life changing opportunity of Friends Forever inspired me to make the world a better place.”

​~Richard Spratt, Northern Ireland Program 1991

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