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Friends Forever International has created several Fellowships to help our alumni continue to grow their impact and create change in their communities. Fellowships can take many forms, including named fellowships, which are more rigidly defined, and alumni-driven fellowships, which are more independently designed.


Currently, there are three named Fellowship programs, which are all expenses paid opportunities that include a trip to the U.S. and require a 1-year commitment. These three programs have slightly different focuses, which you can learn more about on their respective pages. All of our fellowship opportunities, named or otherwise, are designed to help alumni grow as leaders and give them the opportunity to direct a project within FFI's programs and mission.


To learn more about the requirements for a prospective fellow, how to apply, and specifics about our named fellowships, click the options below.

Support our named or unnamed fellows by donating via our donate button or by sending a check to Friends Forever International, One Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03824 with the fellowship title in the memo line.

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