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FFI Alumni Fellowships

Leave a Legacy

Friends Forever International has created several Fellowships to help our alumni continue to grow their impact and create change in their communities. Fellowships can take many forms, including named fellowships, which are more rigidly defined, and alumni-driven fellowships, which are more independently designed.

Currently, there are four named Fellowships, which are all expenses paid opportunities that include a trip to the US and require a 1-year commitment. These three programs have slightly different focuses, which you can learn more about on their respective pages. All of our fellowship opportunities, named or otherwise, are designed to help alumni grow as leaders and give them the opportunity to direct a project within FFI's programs and mission.

FFI Fellowships are open to all FFI program alumni. Our named fellowships honor the legacies of members of the FFI family who went above and beyond in service to their communities. Fellowships are fully funded by the generous donations of our supporters. You can contribute to an existing fund or learn about creating a named fellowship with FFI below.

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Robert Raiche Fellowship

Eileen D. Foley Fellowship

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Guy Buesing Fellowship

Maxine Morse Fellowship

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Fund an FFI Fellow

Are you interested in supporting one of our alumni who has demonstrated a commitment to Friends Forever International and our values? FFI has over 1,500 alumni globally and is working with 100 new youth annually. These young men and women bring enthusiasm and dedication to leadership and peace-building that is inspiring. With this in mind, we have established scholarships for “Fellows”. These funds will provide annual scholarships* for alumni that meet not only FFI’s requirements but also that align with the donor’s passion. These alumni will be working both at FFI’s global headquarters in Durham, NH but also commit to working in the region of the world where they are from. You can also ask that the scholarship fund a specific field of interest i.e. the environment, arts, politics, youth work, etc.

If you or your family are interested in creating a gift that provides a scholarship for alumni in perpetuity, we have an easy way for you to make that happen. Please contact Executive Director, Stephen Martineau ( and he will answer any questions you may have. 

*Named scholarship funds require a minimum start gift of $25,000 and a full fellowship will require a total investment of $50,000. This will provide the annual returns required to cover the expenses and the principle cannot be touched.


Robert 'Bob' Raiche


Robert (Bob) Raiche founded Friends Forever in 1986 when he brought a group of 5 Protestant and 5 Catholic boys from Northern Ireland to the United States, providing these ten youths the opportunity to build friendships with each other away from the pressures and division they faced back home.

Bob’s life had always been dedicated to the empowerment of young people, he worked for years with the YMCA, leading youth in the US and around the world. Bob was known for his ability to make those around him feel at ease. He mediated conflicts both large and small and taught young people to take responsibility for their actions and their relationships with each other.

In founding Friends Forever, Bob demonstrated another of his trademark qualities: initiative. Bob was not afraid to put an idea into action and to do what was needed to make it work, especially when that idea had the potential to empower young people to make a change.

For his lifetime of service and for his work with Friends Forever, Bob received numerous awards and recognitions including the Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Diversity Award, The Paul Harris Fellowship and, most recently, a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.  A longtime Rotarian, Bob also received two of Rotary International’s highest honors; the Service Above Self Award and the Donald MacRae Peace Award.

Twenty-seven years later, the impact of Bob’s life can be felt around the world. After Bob’s passing in 2014 at the age of 85, the Robert Raiche Fellowship was established to encourage those alumni who would carry on Bob’s legacy of compassion, initiative, and commitment to improving the lives of young people the world over. 


Eileen Dondero Foley


A woman of impeccable character with a warm sense of humor, who has dedicated her life to the citizens of Portsmouth with great love, dignity, respect, and compassion. Eileen Dondero was born February 27, 1918, to Mary Carey Dondero, one of the nation’s first lady mayors, and Charles Dondero. Eileen attended local schools and following her graduation from Syracuse University in 1940 she enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps. On returning home she worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a painter’s helper and later as a Portsmouth City Clerk. 

Mayor Foley’s lengthy record of public service includes an unprecedented 16 years as Mayor of Portsmouth, 12 years as a member of the Portsmouth School Board, and 7 terms as a NH State Senator. Her political advice and support are sought by many and in her retirement, she served as the Portsmouth Goodwill Ambassador. Eileen was married to the late John J. (Danny Boy) Foley Sr. for over 46 years. The couple had three children, Mary Carey, Jay, & Barry. Eileen Foley represents the best that the Seacoast has to offer. Her charm, wit, grace under fire, vision, understanding, and commitment to both local and global issues has inspired thousands in Portsmouth and across the world.


Guy Buesing


Guy Buesing was the longest-serving Board Member in the history of Friends Forever International, 1986 thru 2015. In these 29 years, Guy represented all that makes FFI special: A life that had a global outlook both in theory and in practice. Guy would also never let on, but through his advocacy with the Knistrom Foundation, he secured nearly $300,000 in gifts for FFI. Many of these gifts came at times of “crisis” for the organization and there is a strong chance that without his steadfast support, there would be no FFI.

In the early days of Friends Forever International, he would drive the van as a Rotarian, lead workshops on dialogue and how to do Pros and Cons, and just hang out and dance with the group. In the last decade, when not in Florida, Guy would be available for breakfasts and lunches and was a great sounding board for ideas. He ensured that the organization stayed true to its vision of citizen diplomacy and grassroots engagement, no matter how large we got, and he was thrilled to see us grow.


Maxine Morse


Born and raised in Manchester, NH, Maxine Morse has been a force in the Granite State for more than 60 years and has dedicated her considerable energies to ensuring a higher quality of life for those less fortunate. A graduate of Cornell University, Maxine served as the Director of the Greater Manchester Child Care Center, New Hampshire’s first nonprofit child care center, from 1969-1974. Her work went on to include the Chairmanship of the 1975 Commission on Laws Affecting Mental Health. Funded in part by the New Hampshire Charitable Fund (currently known as the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation) the project identified and developed 22 proposals for legislative action updating NH’s mental health laws—15 of which were passed.

Maxine has served on numerous boards and has held leadership roles in many agencies including: Greater Manchester Mental Health Center, Odyssey House, New Horizons, the NH Social Welfare Council, the Lakes Region Mental Health Center, the Children’s Alliance of NH, the NH Music Festival, the Portsmouth Music Hall, and the Canterbury Shaker Village. Having worked with then-Senator Eileen Foley on some of the 1975 progressive mental health legislation, Maxine is honored to be recognized by FFI by receiving the award in Eileen’s name.

Application Requirements

For Interested Alumni

Alumni Fellows are an integral part of our programs and we welcome all alumni to interested in applying to do so! If you are not already a part of the FFI Alumni Google Classroom, email to request an invite. The Google Classroom acts as a hub of all information for alumni interested in engaging with FFI!

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