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Pushing the Boundaries of Education

Friends Forever International (FFI) is excited to expand educational opportunities to New Hampshire students through the NHDOE Learn Everywhere Initiative. This program allows for the delivery of content to continue outside of the classroom through real-world, hands-on, learning experiences.

In June of 2022, FFI was approved for 74 courses totaling 37 credits in 8 content areas. FFI will deliver this curriculum and programming to meet the academic needs of students while offering them opportunities that wouldn't normally be accessible through a traditional classroom setting. All programming is done by incorporating our FFI RECIPE and integrating the values of Resilience, Empathy, Communication, Impact, Playfulness, and Effort into everything we do. 


Course Offerings



4.0 Total Credits

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Goal Setting

  • Identity

  • Team Building

Pink Multiculturalism Square_edited.jpg

Social Studies

10.0 Total Credits

  • Economics

  • Empathetic Debate

  • Food, Environment, & Society

  • Genealogy

  • Israeli/Palestinian Cultural Exchange

  • MyTown

  • Northern Ireland Cultural Exchange

  • U.S. City Cultural Experience

Orange Creativity Square_edited.jpg

Creativity & Arts

4.0 Total Credits

  • Ceramics

  • Jewelry

  • Hands On Art

  • Photography

Chartreuse Ecology Square_edited.jpg


5.0 Total Credits

  • Astronomy

  • Flora & Fauna

  • New Hampshire Coastal Biome

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Sea Perch


Healthy Living

4.0 Total Credits

  • International Foods: Eastern Hemisphere

  • International Foods: Western Hemisphere

  • Nutrition

  • Mindfulness


Adventure Education

5.0 Total Credits

  • Dance

  • Climbing & Bouldering

  • Hiking

  • New Hampshire Winter Activities

  • Sailing



4.0 Total Credits

  • Art of Storytelling

  • In Tune with Nature

  • Creative Writing

  • Public Speaking

Berry Leadership Square_edited.jpg

Special Education Electives

1.0 Total Credits

  • Community Oriented Life Skills



FFI will be offering a variety of platforms for students to participate in these offerings, including:


Open Enrollment Programs

FFI offers applications for individual students from public, charter, and home schools to participate in weekend programs that deliver these course credits in .5 credit modules. These courses can be in a virtual or in-person setting. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis. There is a 12-participant capacity for these programs.


School Specific/Contracted Programs

Working in close partnership with schools, FFI can offer weekend, school break, or afterschool offerings in select courses that can reach a target population in a specific school or class. These courses may include a mix of in-person, residential, and/or virtual meetings and are tailored to specifically meet the needs of the partnering organization and students participating. There is a 12-person capacity for these programs.


Programs Abroad

FFI offers a 10-14 day experiential trip to our campus in Northern Ireland where students can attain up to 3 full credits.


Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO)

All students who complete an FFI program are encouraged to complete a Social Action Project to improve their own communities in a tangible way. Students who complete one of these projects with the guidance of FFI alumni staff are eligible for additional Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) credit.


Interested in our Learn Everywhere Program?

Contact us at programs@ff.international to discuss opportunities!