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Discovery Programs

Our Discovery Programs allow participants to experience FFI's leadership programming with a shorter time commitment. These can be scaled, adjusted, and developed with a specific partner group in mind to meet their unique goals. These programs can also be tailored to each groups' area of interest, such as Teambuilding, Communication, Goal Setting, Art, Adventure Education, Multiculturalism, and more. These programs are offered both in in-person and virtual formats.

Please contact if you have any questions.

In-Person Programming Options

FFI has several program length options for groups that are interested in in-person programming. Each program will be tailored to your specific group - no two programs are ever the same! Programs are hosted at one of our two New Hampshire campuses.

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Half-day programs include multiple tailored workshops from FFI's curriculum that would achieve your groups' goals. This also allows for participants to share a meal together which we consider to be an essential part of the team-building process.

Full Day


A Friends Forever day of programming includes the integral elements of an FFI program condensed into one day. This can include a combination of workshops, team building activities, ice breakers, shared meals, and debrief.

Weekend (2 Overnights)


A weekend allows for the same components as a day program with the added immersion of an overnight experience. Your group will bond and develop even further by caring for their living space and relying on each other throughout their tailored weekend.

5-Day (4 Overnights)


A 5-Day experience allows for your group to deepen their knowledge, complete FFI workshops that build on skills, have their own memory books, and develop as a team in new and exciting ways. Your group can settle into their new environment and be fully engaged for multiple days.

FFI is able to accept ESSER funding towards all programs.

What does each program include?

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Virtual Program Options

FFI offers virtual programs that range from 1 to 30 sessions! Our workshops and curriculum are centered around our unique FFI RECIPE and can be centered around a theme or goal for your group. Contact our Program Manager for more details!

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Immersion Programs

Looking for longer or multi-year programs?

We also offer immersion programs that are our most in-depth programs and include a travel component, both domestic and international. The average cost is $3,000 per individual (including airfare). Additional fees may apply depending on the number of participants, flight cost fluctuations, additional days, and time of year.

FFI is able to accept ESSER funding towards all programs.

If you would like to discuss various payment options, please contact us at

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How to Get Started


For Discovery Programs

  1. Apply! Fill out the FFI Program Partner Application.

  2. Schedule Your Meeting! All applicants will be contacted by FFI to set-up a video meeting to discuss their group's goals and program interests.

  3. Receive Your Acceptance Packet! All the information you need to start the program and guide your group through it.

Groups interested in the Discovery Programs must apply through the partner application which are accepted on a rolling basis with a required six-week lead time.

Questions about the application process? Contact or call 603.397.5301.

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