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Immersion Programs

All FFI Immersion Programs include a cross-cultural trip highly tailored to the team's and individuals' interests and goals. These in-depth programs are our most comprehensive and based on our innovative curriculum and philosophy. Every program we develop includes our custom-made curriculum that relies on each component of our RECIPE to ensure that the young people we serve gain a wide range of skills - no two Immersion Programs are the same. Programs are spread out in three distinct phases (Team Building, Skill Building, and Community Building, described below), with home-based & virtual sessions before and after the cross-cultural trip. Each Immersion Program culminates with a participant-designed community action project that addresses a need in their home communities.

Organizations, schools, and/or individuals must apply to participate in an Immersion Program. Current Immersion Program locations include the United States (New Hampshire), Northern Ireland (Annalong), and Belize (Boom Creek).

Immersion Program Pricing

The cost for Immersion Programs starts at $3,000 per participant. They are typically 10-16 days in length and teams can range in number of participants. Below are some of the recommended team sizes with pricing. Regardless of team size, all pricing includes airfare, meals, accommodations, customized FFI gear, curriculum books, activity fees, and other program costs. 

Additional fees may apply depending on flight cost fluctuations, additional days, and time of year.

FFI is able to accept ESSER funding towards all programs.


12 Participants

Starting at $36,000

10 Participants

Starting at $30,000

8 Participants

Starting at $24,000

Immersion Program Phases



Team Building Phase

During the first phase, participants develop their team identity and build a foundation for the rest of their program. Using FFI’s methodologies, they set expectations and goals, practice working together, and make collaborative decisions. All participants attend a two-day preparation seminar before they travel where the team creates their team name, logo, and slogan based on their shared values. 

FFI staff create Individual Leadership Plans (ILPs) for each participant using our multi-tiered analysis. This analysis informs the next steps: planning a tailored program, preparing and training team leadership and alumni, and customizing curriculum and program materials.

Where will FFI take you?

Campus drone fall.jpg
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New England

The Raiche Farmhouse & 
Leonard Seagren Home

Northern Ireland

FFI Center at Annalong


Diane M. Seagren Rainforest Academy

How to Apply


For individuals that want to apply directly

  1. Apply! Fill out the FFI Program Application.

  2. Schedule Your Interview! You will be contacted by FFI to set-up a video meeting to discuss your application and interest in FFI's program.

  3. Receive Your Acceptance Packet! Space is limited in each round of programs. If you are not accepted, you are welcome to apply to future FFI Programs!

Individuals will be grouped into a team with other individual applicants and the timing of the program will be determined as part of the application process. 


For organizations and schools to bring a group

  1. Apply! Fill out the FFI Program Partner Application.

  2. Schedule Your Meeting! All applicants will be contacted by FFI to set-up a video meeting to discuss their group's goals and program interests.

  3. Receive Your Acceptance Packet! All the information you need to start the program and guide your group through it.

Groups must apply through the partner application which is accepted on a rolling basis with a required six-week lead time. Groups can complete multiple Immersion Programs and we recommend looking at all of our locations.

Questions about the application process? Contact or call 603.397.5301.

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