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Community Action Projects

Creating Meaningful Impact

The goal of FFI's programs is to help young people become the best versions of themselves so they can help their community become the best version of itself. To work towards this, all participants of our Immersion Programs create a Community Action Project that addresses a need in their home community. They participate in a series of workshops that help them design their project, including creating a project online, setting goals, budgeting, and writing a proposal. Once these have been completed, participants create a presentation describing their project and their execution plan, including fundraising plan. FFI invited members of the community that they worked with or were inspired by on their programs to listen to their presentations and provide feedback. 

We have organized presentations from our 2023 cohort into topics below. We hope you enjoy hearing about each project. 

Community Action Project Presentations

Watch Previous Community Action Projects



Access to Basic Needs

Mental Health

Community Improvement


Youth Empowerment

Promoting Diversity

Conflict Resolution

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