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A Walk Down Memory Lane

This year is Friends Forever International's 35th year of growing world peace...locally! To celebrate, we want to share favorite memories from the FFI Family and post them throughout the year! Scroll through the memories below travel through time with us from 1986 to 2021.

Karyn (Alumni)


"I was a shy teenager when I travelled to New Hampshire with FF in its second year. We had a wonderful experience and met many amazing people. I will always be very grateful for the opportunities that FF opened up for me, particularly the experience I gained at public speaking at Rotary Events. I was fortunate to be made a Paul Harris fellow some years later and carry with me many happy memories from FF. Some of you may know the poem that I had written which Bob Raiche ‘made me’ read out at those events and which Senator George Mitchell later quoted in his memoir of the peace process, Making Peace. It is wonderful that FF has given opportunities to so many young people from around the world since those humble beginnings. Thanks everyone."

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Submit Your FFI Memory

We are looking for all members of the FFI Family to help us collect stories, memories, testimonials, photos, videos, and more to share. We want to hear from everyone, including alumni, volunteers, parents, donors, and community members. Please complete this form with as many stories as you want to share with us!

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