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FFI Social Studies Credit-Bearing Team

Harvesting Change: August 1st - 8th

These teams are participating in a Social Studies-focused Credit-Bearing Programs! They are coming from across the state of New Hampshire. On this journey, they will learn about the intersection of food, the environment, and society, as well as, gardening, public speaking, and team building. At the end of their program, they will be eligible for 2 credits transferable to their high school. Learn more about this team by scrolling below.

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Road Trip #1: Team Odyssey

Logistical Information

Program Focus

Food, Environment & Society, and Gardening

Number of Participants


Number of Leaders

3 per team (includes FFI Staff and Alumni)

Ages of Students


Team Interests

Art, music, sports, reading

Dietary Restrictions

Plant-based (Vegan)




15-Passenger Van

Provide a Scholarship

In order for FFI to make these programs 100% tuition-free for accepted applicants, we rely upon individuals, companies, and foundations to donate towards scholarships. If you would like to do so, please click the button below for an online gift or mail a check to our Headquarters at 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03824. Please be sure to include a note directing your funds.

One full scholarship equals $3,000, but gifts of all sizes make an impact on the lives of the youth participants.

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