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Meet the Summer Nationwide Teams

Durham, New Hampshire
Orbit C3, July 25th - August 2nd
Nationwide Immersion Team, August 4th - August 14th

These two teams are participating in our first-ever nationwide Immersion Programs! These young people from twelve different states across the U.S. will develop their communication, self-reflection, and empathic leadership skills. Learn more about each team by clicking the buttons below!

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Provide a Scholarship

In order for FFI to make these programs 100% tuition-free for accepted applicants, we rely upon individuals, companies, and foundations to donate towards scholarships. If you would like to do so, please click the button below for an online gift or mail a check to our Headquarters at 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03824. Please be sure to include a note directing your funds.

One full scholarship equals $3,000, but gifts of all sizes make an impact on the lives of the youth participants.