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How FFI can work with your PEACEPLUS Programme

Good Relations
Active Citizenship
Personal Development
Increase of “human” and professional skills
Continued positive progression

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FFI is excited to offer our services to those organizations that are providing programs for the Peace Plus Programme and to empower them to confidently prioritize their needs back in Northern Ireland whilst understanding they have a partner here in the US with decades of experience in Northern Ireland.

Continue reading for more information about our programming and how it can complement your PEACEPLUS Programme! We would be happy to set up an initial meeting, without any commitment, to discuss details such as costs, timelines, curriculum, and more. Just contact Steve at!

FFI is a registered charity in Northern Ireland. 

The FFI Program

For 37 years, FFI has offered Peace & Reconciliation programs and partnerships with youth organizations in Northern Ireland serving thousands of youth from all six counties. Given our experience, we understand how much peace funding has accomplished in Northern Ireland and the border counties over the year. Our tailored programs and curriculum are uniquely situated to complement the work that the organizations are planning to do working toward peace.

Our cultural exchange program model includes both an intense 15-day trip to our safe and secure campus here in the US with a total of 180 hours of workshops and skill development as well as residentials at our campus in County Down (Annalong). FFI tailors our programs based on the specific needs of the partner organizations as well as on the individual youth. We work with the youth to help co-design their own individual leadership plan and how they will measure their progress for the time frame of the program (anywhere from six to nine months ). Residentials in Annalong total 70 hours and zoom support meetings are another 20 hours. A total FFI program will include 260 hours per participant.

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Program activities include:

  • Public Speaking training

  • Physical achievements (hiking, ropes course, sailing, kayaking, Zumba, yoga)

  • Workshops in Identity, Compassionate Communication, Improvisation, Cultural Awareness

  • Volunteering with marginalized peoples (those without homes, with different abilities, experiencing domestic abuse, racism)

  • Nutrition classes

  • Meditation and mindfulness trainings

  • Cross-Cultural Engagement - using the diversity of people in the US, participants will engage immersively in the culture. FFI uses this total immersion to bring together the “different” traditions of Northern Ireland as being more alike than different

What Makes FFI Unique

FFI emphasizes innovative approaches to promote physical and mental health and well-being for participants. We do not allow for any mobile phones to be used by participants while on an FFI program. We understand the connection between the diet and nutrition of the youth on their emotional state and provide a healthy and balanced plant-based diet that excludes all energy drinks, soda, and most sweets.

FFI practices a rigorous and ongoing evaluation process that occurs during the program and afterward. We provide detailed graphs and reports summarizing the results of the evaluations and providing next steps for programmatic improvement based on the evaluations.

FFI has certified educators and mental health professionals on staff.

FFI is a registered charity in both the United States and Northern Ireland.

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