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2024 New Orleans Alumni Program

New Orleans, Louisiana
March 20th-30th

This March, a team of five FFI Alumni will be traveling to New Orleans for an Advanced Leadership Training Program. This high-level leadership program for our most engaged and advanced alumni is focused on social justice and includes a trip to our Gulf Coast region. Alumni will meet with community members, practice facilitating workshops, prep for our upcoming summer program season, and work with their teammates to develop the Global Alumni Movement. They will also have a chance to learn about the culture of the New Orleans area. The goal of the program is for the alumni to bring home the skills and lessons they learn while on their program to have a positive impact on their communities. This year, the theme of the program is the intersection between plant-based eating, environmentalism, and social justice.

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Meet the Team

Logistical Information

Program Focus

Program Development, Community Engagement, Alumni Planning

Number of Participants


Number of Leaders

2 Staff Members

Ages Range


Team Interests

Activism, leadership, volunteering

Dietary Restrictions





15-Passenger Van

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