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Meet the Holistic & Mindful Living Teams

August 5th - August 12th

This team is participating in our summer Healthy living-focused Credit-Bearing Program! They are coming from across the state of New Hampshire. Their FFI journey will help them develop their communication, resilience, and public speaking skills, as well as gain knowledge and experience in healthy living, specifically holistic and mindful living. At the end of their program, they will be eligible for 2 credits transferable to their high school. Learn more about our two Holistic & Mindful Living teams by clicking the buttons below.

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Hugging a Puppy
Charlotte Tanuvasa Enrollment Photo.jpg


Age: 14

Hobbies: Singing, piano, sports, drawing, taking walks

Favorite book: Long Way Down by Jason Renolds. It’s an open book focused around family and can allow you to make up your own endings. 

Favorite quote: "Life moves on and so do you."

Issues passionate about: Interested in learning as much as she can first-hand from people facing any life issue. 

Interest in holistic living: “I like to just breathe and keep a level head so I can think logically or just think in general.”

How you view yourself as a leader: “Someone who can communicate with the people and come up with a plan for everyone and help those who need it, I also picture someone who sacrifices everything they have for their people. I picture someone who people respect and love to be with and feel good around, someone they can trust with all kinds of things. Like an issue with food and water or someone they just need to listen to them.”


Age: 15

Hobbies: Trail running, walking, biking, being outside, reading, traveling to new place. 

Favorite book: “The Light in Hidden Places” by Sharon Cameron. A true story about human resilience during the Holocaust. 

Favorite quote: “I am not accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing

the things I cannot accept.” -Angela Davis

Issues passionate about: Climate issues in America, unhealthy eating habits

Interest in holistic living: "I’m really interested in being exposed to yoga and meditiation. I really need more practice in these areas."

How you view yourself as a leader: “I imagine myself as a strong and equitable leader.”

2023 Emily Nute Headshot.jpeg
Ethan Pedro Enrollment Photo.jpeg


Age: 15

Hobbies: Reading, computers

Favorite book: The Attack on Titan series because it teaches many lessons that are important to learn, has many characters with positive traits to see as role models, and also, they’re all comic books.

Favorite quote: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” Ghandi

Issues passionate about: Students' mental health and not practicing mindfulness, prejudice against classmates based on their identities.

Interest in holistic living: “I have avoided trouble by keeping calm with deep breaths enabling better self-control. Meditation is the biggest holistic practice I would like to be exposed to."

How you view yourself as a leader: “When I imagine myself as a leader, I see people with positive energy, working smoothly and getting along with ease.”


Age: 15

Hobbies: Running, playing basketball with my friends, volunteering with the middle school track team

Favorite book: “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. I learned a lot about Native American culture and how life is different even though we lived in the same places. 

Favorite quote: “Your mind will quit a million times before your body does. Feel the fear and do it anyway.” - Unknown

Issues passionate about: People not making enough money, racial inequality

Interest in holistic living: “I have been doing meditation for a few years because it helps calm my mind and makes me less stressed out. I also did yoga for a long time when I was younger to help calm my body. I am an athlete so the way I treat my body and what I put in it is important to me. Meditation also helps me clear my head and make decisions well. I would like to know more about mindful Living.” 

How you view yourself as a leader: “When I think of myself as a leader, I think about myself as a coach. I see myself helping people reach goals and also heading up something I am interested in.”

2023 Griffin Grondahl Headshot.jpeg
IMG_20230423_093837926_HDR - Hannah Marshall.jpg


Age: 14

Hobbies: Knitting, soap making, swimming, baking, candle making, earring making, and writing.

Favorite book: “Popular” by Maya Van Wagenen. I learned from it to be yourself comfortably and pout yourself out there. 

Favorite quote: “It’s okay not to be okay”, Michael Clifford

Issues passionate about: Protected sacred areas in towns, people getting bullied in school. 

Interest in holistic living: “In my future career I want to be a therapist, teacher, or in between a guidance counselor, in these team building, public speaking, and mindfulness activities I will be able to better my skills that are very important for my future career.”

How you view yourself as a leader: “I picture myself in a circle of peers sharing what we want to do for a project and including everybody because I never was.”

Maybellene (May)

Age: 16

Hobbies: Reading, hiking, drawing

Favorite book: Two for Joy by Gigi Amatuae

Favorite quote: "A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean” -The Lorax

Issues passionate about: People accepting other’s opinions, having public speaking opportunities to share ideas

Interest in holistic living: “I want to be more exposed to the mental aspect. I enjoy learning how the brain works and why we think the way we do. I am also intrigued to being exposed to the spiritual aspect because, as I don't believe in god, I am open to what other entities people believe in and why.”

How you view yourself as a leader: “I see myself as myself. I'm not good at standing up but when it's something I care about I can stand up and share my opinion because I think it's important. All I know is I'm definitely not a follower.”

IMG_3011 - Maybellene Muldoon.jpg
IMG_4722 - Isabelle Jenkins.JPG


Age: 15

Hobbies: Running and activities with friends and family

Favorite book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Favorite quote: “If you really want something don't stop for anyone or anything until you get it.” - Blair Waldorf

Issues passionate about: Lack of empathy among students, racial prejudice

Interest in holistic living: “I do some meditation and yoga. I'd like to practice acupuncture, cupping, types of excurses that may help, and massage therapy.”

How you view yourself as a leader: “A calm environment with plenty of different opinions and opportunities available to everyone.”


Age: 16

Hobbies: Studying, performing music, reading, writing, poetry, working out.

Favorite book: “On the Come Up” by Angie Thomas. 

Favorite quote: "I think of all the people throughout history who found themselves in a place like this, stepping out from the shadows, raising their voices. Finding their courage, facing their fears so that they could be free. There were so many we lost, the ones who were taken, cut down, for the color of their skin, or the religion they practiced, or the person they loved. All they wanted was to live." - Samira Ahmed, Internment

Issues passionate about: Lack of communication or transparency between those in power, and overvalidation. 

Interest in holistic living: “I am going to collage for contemporary music and I am graduating a year early and I believe that this program with benefit be mentally and academically. These classes are also not offered at my high school and I would like to go out of my comfort zone a little bit.”

How you view yourself as a leader: “I imagine myself as a teacher role and the defending role because I like helping people.”

Mia (Rex) Shwab Enrollment Photo.JPG
William Tanuvasa Enrollment Photo.jpeg


Age: 18

Hobbies: Swimming, cliff jumping, games, hanging out with friends, group events or big activities

Favorite book: “Solito” by Javier Zamora, about an immigrant coming to America

Favorite quote: “Nothing changes, if nothing changes” - Unknown 

Issues passionate about: People making lies about other people, others not being included in conversations they should be. 

Interest in holistic living: “It’s something I have never done before, and it sounds interesting and fun.” 

How you view yourself as a leader: “People showing me respect while also being able to listen back at them making them also, feeling like i am not better then them and that we are all one whole.”

Logistical Information

Program Focus

Communication, mindfulness, and public speaking skills

Number of Participants


Number of Leaders

3 per team (includes FFI Staff and Alumni)

Ages of Students


Team Interests

Art, music, sports, reading

Dietary Restrictions

Plant-based (Vegan)




15-Passenger Van

Provide a Scholarship

In order for FFI to make these programs 100% tuition-free for accepted applicants, we rely upon individuals, companies, and foundations to donate towards scholarships. If you would like to do so, please click the button below for an online gift or mail a check to our Headquarters at 1 Morgan Way, Durham, NH 03824. Please be sure to include a note directing your funds.

One full scholarship equals $3,000, but gifts of all sizes make an impact on the lives of the youth participants.

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