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Our Programs

Identifying one's RESILIENCE.

Learning how to be an EMPATHETIC leader.

Practicing COMMUNICATION skills.

Understanding how to make true IMPACT.

Valuing the importance of PLAY.

All built on a foundation of EFFORT.

This is the FFI RECIPE, which we have spent the last 35 years developing while leading some of the most challenging and rewarding educational experiences for youth to be found.

We understand that these are "out of the box" times and we are happy to provide "out of the box" programs that are uniquely tailored to your specific school/organization and student population. Our global reach has provided us with decades of experience working with all cultures.

Due to the amount of time that we devote to each team of students we work with, we limit the number of collaborations we embark upon each year. If you feel that your cohort of students would like to have an intense, innovative, and unique leadership development experience that is unlike any other program, then please contact us at programs@ff.international  or call 603.397.5301.

FFI is based in New Hampshire. All sessions will be virtual with additional opportunities for travel to the FFI Campus in New Hampshire starting in 2022 and the FFI Center in Northern Ireland starting in 2023.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, you can be assured that the work we accomplish together will always have the success and the mental health and well-being of your students at the core of what we do.

*All travel and in-person programming is subject to COVID restrictions and guidelines

FFI has over 35 years of experience working with schools and afterschool organizations from all over the world. Now, thanks to the new funds available from our Federal and State governments, we can help your students and staff thrive in the coming years. Please note that we are able to accept full payments in advance for programs through 2025.

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Hear from Our Participants

Why should you join FFI?




"I learned that as a leader I am able to support other people in my group when they are in need of it or remind them of certain things they need to get done calmly and respectfully. I also learned that putting myself in other's shoes is easier the more I experience new things, learning to become even better as a leader was a big part of my journey during the program."


Other Ways to Get Involved

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Host an Activity

Lead an activity with your club, sports team, or extracurricular group for an FFI team at your school or our Durham Campus. Contact our program staff to suggest an activity!

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Volunteer With FFI

Looking for community service opportunities for your class, team, or club? Work with us to plan a full day of volunteering! Ways local students have been involved with FFI programs in the past:

  • Hosted an international team for a tour of their school

  • Hosted an FFI alumnus for a tour and an activity

  • Volunteered at the FFI Campus

  • Attended FFI volunteer nights

  • Attended FFI community events

  • Fundraised for FFI

  • Sponsored an FFI participant

Contact Nora at nora@ff.international to start volunteering today!

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Fundraise for FFI

With the creation of Facebook Fundraisers and crowd-funding, it’s easier than ever to fundraise for FFI! Please check out our Fundraising page to learn more!

Are you an individual student looking to join FFI? Check out our Individual opportunities!