Team Building Phase

The Team Building Phase has several goals, including fundraising, holding parents meetings to help increase understanding of the program, and beginning the team building process through ice-breakers and activities like  Logo and Team Name Creation.

During the Team Building Phase, we have prospective groups of youth meet between three and six times before they embark on their Skill Building journeys.

We also recommend one residential trip where the ten young people have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Team Name and Logo Creation

The Team Name and Logo Creation activity was started in 2016 to give the participants ownership of the project going forward. The activity itself also promotes collaborative skills and team skills that will help them over the course of the program and beyond.

After the team has decided their name and created a logo, we contract a graphic designer to make the team's designs a reality! Their logos are printed on their t-shirts, memory books, and other materials.

The Change Leader Logo in action during the Skill Building Phase

Activities in the Team Building Phase

Activities in this phase are meant to bring the teams together as a unit so that they may enter the intense Skill Building Phase better prepared and supported. These activities can be just as meaningful as those in the Skill Building Phase.


A good example of a meaningful Team Building activity is the recent trip to the American Red Cross Food Bank in Boston, Massachusettes by the Raiders for Change. The team met at their school at six in the morning for the 2-hour ride into Boston. Once at the Food Bank, they worked alongside other volunteers to organize food

The Raiders for Change at the American Red Cross Food Bank.

into family packages. The team also helped to hand out the packages to some of the almost 600 families that came into the Food Bank that day.  They were quiet after the experience of handing out the food and reflected on their own rumbling stomachs on the way to lunch. One student pointed out that they had at least gotten breakfast that morning while they didn't know how long it had been since any of the families they served had eaten.


This kind of activity, which encourages reflection on issues in the team's home community, helps prepare the team for thinking about their Social Action Project. It also gets them ready for more volunteer service during their Skill Building Phase.

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