Upcoming Programs

Summer 2020

Student Involvement

Whether you're a high schooler who wants to start an FFI program in your school or a college student looking for ways to engage your community, we'd love to hear from you! Check out ways to get involved below.



FFI offers rolling internships to college students in their junior and senior years. Interns often take on research projects, organizational projects, and small jobs around the office, but we are always open to your input as to what you want to achieve! We'd love to develop a video/film internships as well as a sustainable design internship. Hours are flexible. Check our Internships page to learn more. 

Volunteer at the Peace Campus
Full Day of Volunteering

Looking for community service opportunities for your class, team, or club? Contact Amelia at amelia@ff.international to organize a full day of volunteering at our Durham, NH Headquarters!


Individual Volunteering

We can always use volunteers around the office to help with program preparation, mailings, and other routine tasks. Fill out a volunteer form by clicking the bottom to the left or contact Amelia at amelia@ff.international to start volunteering today!


Program Volunteering
Give a Team a Tour

We are looking for students or student-led organizations to lead tours of their schools or campus for our teams. Contact Tegan at tegan@ff.international or Chelsea at chelsea@ff.international to find out more about showing your school to our teams!


Host an Activity

Part of a club or organization that you think could lead a cool activity for our teams either at your school/club or on our campus? Contact Tegan at tegan@ff.international or Chelsea at chelsea@ff.international to pitch an activity.


Fundraise for FFI 

With the creation of Facebook Fundraisers and crowdfunding it's easier than ever to fundraise for Friends Forever International! Please contact Katiemae at katiemae@ff.international to let us know you'd like to fundraise for us and to request informational materials.



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