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Stephen joined Friends Forever International as its Executive Director in November 2005, after having spent time working with Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina, the Children’s Museum of Boston, and MYTOWN, an innovative inner-city youth organization in Boston, MA. Over the last twelve years, Stephen's tenure has seen FFI expand to multiple sites across the continental United States, the establishment of Friends Forever Europe in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the formation of partnerships and FFI programs in the Middle East, and the acquisition and renovation of the Friends Forever International Campus in Durham, NH, a 2.6 acre space devoted to peace and leadership development.  


In addition to nearly two decades of high-level expertise in the field of NGO's, Stephen brings to Friends Forever International a genuine passion for building active leaders through service on the local and global levels by empowering the most underutilized asset in the world today: youth.


Chelsea first joined Friends Forever International as an Administrative Coordinator in May 2012. Before coming to FFI, Chelsea spent time in organizations such as the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives and Mass Alliance in Boston, MA.  After studying sociology at university, Chelsea developed a passion for social action and recognized the power community collaboration could have in achieving positive societal change.


As Sr. Programs & Community Engagement Manager, Chelsea assists in the overall coordination and implementation of international peace programs in three countries and five US states. She oversees activities and training sessions for participants of our yearlong leadership program and maintains channels of communication between FFI staff, supporters, participants, alumni, and our community partners around the world.  


Tegan is the newest member of our Friends Forever Team, joining June 2018.  As Program & Community Engagement Manager, Tegan supports the design and implementation of all international peace programs.  She assists Chelsea with the collaboration of FFI staff, supporters, participants, alumni, and our community partners.  Prior to joining FFI, Tegan worked for Quinnipiac University Office on-site at University College Cork, Ireland.  She received her Master’s degree in Sociology of Development and Globalization, which established a passion for looking past borders and the development of cross cultural understanding.


Katiemae joined Friends Forever International in July 2016 for a year assignment as an AmeriCorps VISTA member which turned into a two-year role. She has now been hired full-time at FFI as the Marketing Coordinator. Katiemae's primary roles are material creator and designer, website wrangler, and volunteer guide. She's excited to have joined the FFI family and looks forward to the adventures to come!

Originally from New Hampshire, Katiemae lives in a small town with her spouse and their 3 cats. She holds a BA in Renewable Energy and Ecological Design with a minor in Documentary Studies from Green Mountain College. In 2018, Katiemae began a part-time graduate program and is working towards a Masters in Resilient and Sustainable Communities at Prescott College. 


Amelia is the newest staff member of the FFI team, joining in January 2019 as an AmeriCorps VISTA member and then becoming Special Projects Coordinator. As FFI's Special Projects Coordinator, she will be helping with coordinating our alumni, event planning, grant preparation, and other projects. 


Prior to joining FFI, she worked with international students and scholars to support them in getting their visas to study/work in the United States. She has her Master's in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute and a Bachelor's in French and Global Studies from Salve Regina University. She is very excited to be with FFI to continue to support international youth.


Marshall Bradstreet has been a U.S. Site Manager for Friends Forever International since 1996 and has worked with many visiting delegations, coordinating the logistics of their Skill Building Phase in America.


In his new role of Campus Coordinator, he facilitates the utilization and upkeep of the Friends Forever International Peace Campus.


Outside of FFI, Marshall helps to develop resources of small nonprofit groups, especially those in the start-up or restart phases. He has served as a staff member (including several stints as executive director) or board member of more than a dozen NGOs.


Aya and Shachar, playfully known collectively as "Shaya", are both graduates of the Friends Forever International Middle East Program. Shachar graduated the program in 2015 and Aya graduated in 2014. Both have remained active in the FFI Alumni Movement and within the FFI yearly program. As Alumni Coordinators, Shaya will continue to create connections and increase FFI's global impact.


More about Aya

In the summer of 2014, Aya spent two weeks at our host community in Bloomington-Normal, IL, witnessing firsthand the positive impact of community collaboration. After learning what it takes to achieve social change, Aya returned to Israel and made it a goal to become a leader within her own society.


FFI chose to award Aya with the 2017 Eileen D. Foley Award for her commitment to making the world a more inclusive place and for demonstrating key attributes of a fair and effective community leader.


More about Shachar

In the summer of 2015, Shachar spent two weeks in our New England host community, learning that change has to start from inside us. After gaining tools to help her spread that change, she returned home and now empowers others to learn the same skills.


Friends Forever International chose to award Shachar with the 2017 Guy Buesing Award for her commitment to encouraging change through action and leadership.


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