Click on the options below to make a secure program donation directly to Friends Forever International. You will be able to choose which host community you would like to direct your gift to, as well as choose your own amount to give.


Every gift is important to us. The act of giving implies a grasp of our mission and a belief that we can accomplish it together.


We accept each gift and donation with the understanding that we have a pact with the donor to invest their support in the most effective means possible and to apply their input where possible.


Thank you for considering supporting us.

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Sponsor a Care Package


Feed the Peace


Supports the cost of ingredients for a healthy meal the team cooks together.

Community Builder


Fuel the Peace


Person of Action


Supports the cost of fuel for one week of transportation for a team in a 15-passenger van.

Supports public speaking workshops for one team where they discover how to share their perspective and the actions they will take to change the world.

Supports the full cost of the youth-led social action project that serves a need in the team’s home community.

Problem Solver


Service Above Self


Opportunity Creator


Supports the cost of housing that provides a team of 10 youth leaders with the opportunity to create a safe home away from home.

Supports a full day service learning and related activities for a team.

Supports the full cost of FFI’s core curriculum that teaches communication, problem-solving, and leadership for one team.

Change Leader


Spark the Movement


Friends Forever


Supports the full cost of a pair of youth leaders to complete the year-long program and develop a lifelong friendship.

Supports the cost to bring outstanding leaders from the Alumni Movement to share their knowledge with the new participants during programs.

Supports the cost of an entire team of 10 youth leaders to complete the Skill Building Phase of the program and develop the skills needed to lead change in their communities.

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