Spaulding High School

All of our teams from Spaulding High School and their families fundraise for months to cover the costs of programs. They set a great example for our partners around the world by showing the importance of all members of a community coming together to provide opportunities for its young people. Local business, rotary clubs, and individuals have all been generous in their support by organizing fundraisers or donating directly to the team's efforts.


Are you interested in supporting this year's team? Feel free to contact Chelsea at to discuss fundraising opportunities. In the meantime, here are some current efforts already underway!

Program Dates

April 2020

September Update

Team International Sisterhood is in the third phase of their program, the Community Building Phase and two new teams from Spaulding are starting their Team Building Phases!

International Sisterhood is currently implementing their Social Action Project which is bringing composting to Spaulding High School.

The two 2020 teams are just beginning their program year and are focusing on fundraising and getting to know each other! Follow their journey on Facebook:

Sample Program Budget

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