Social Action Projects:

The impact of our teams

This page serves as a library of the FFI impact across the years. Scroll through to read about Social Action Projects and the many other projects and meetings our teams had during their FFI program.

Salmon: Medical Clowning
The team decided to volunteer as medical clowns - clowns who go into hospital to entertain little kids. A current medical clown volunteer went with them.
LOL: Supporting Kids
The second part of Team LOL's social action project was at St Gerard's, a school for children with disabilities. The team led games, an arts and crafts session, and cookie decorating! The students had a blast and the team did an great job playing to their strengths to provide a good time for everyone.
SHIVIS18: Recording Stories
The team met multiple times to record their stories and learn how to make audio and video clips.
Gamel: Beach Clean-up
Team Gamel's Beach Clean-up was a success! The team held ice-breakers and a breakfast for the assembled volunteers, included hard of hearing 8th graders from Carmel Zvulun. They then worked together to clear more than 7 bags of trash from the beach!
L'Uniteds: Coming Soon!
L.Y.F.F.E.: Coming Soon!
Eth-12: Coming Soon!
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Wallbreakers: Videos
The team spent a day with kids with autism making videos using Animoto and just spending time together. Once the videos were made they had a video screening and showed the kids all the films they helped make. Overall it was a fun day and the team really got to bond with the kids.
MYFHC'17: Lark in the Dark
The annual Lark in the Dark was a success! 327 visitors gathered at Mountcollyer Youth Club and enjoyed Christmas themed activities. Then they walked through the part to see magicians, craft stations, and to visit Santa on the peace line. They then went on to Holy Family youth club for food and music.
Peace Squad: Soap Making
The group spoke to the Eilat Rotary Club before traveling to an elderly home in Yotvata to present homemade soap to the residents.
Shankill & Divis: Shelter Help
The team, along with 9 other young people they recruited, spent the evening sorting clothes and food for low income families and asylum seekers.
LeoSis: Helping at Risk Kids
This part of the project happened at a different youth club. The team planned and lead activities with the kids, including a juggling workshop and sports. Both the group and the kids had so much fun, in fact, the kids didn’t want LeoSis to leave!
YEP: Warming Kits for Homeless
Building on their earlier experience handing out warming kits to homeless folks, Team YEP prepared backpacks with toiletries and supplies, along with tea, coffee, and snacks to hand out. They partnered with volunteers from Homeless Aware to complete the project.
Peaceversity: Coming Soon!
Saturi: Coming Soon!
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The Belfast Team: Bike for Pre-mies
This group considered several charities for their social action project and chose Tiny Life. Tiny Life is a non-profit that works with premature babies to help increase their chances of survival. They chose to do a bike-a-thon fundraiser and raised £560!
MHFYC'16: Lark in the Dark
This is the 3rd year that the group from HFMC have put on the Lark in the Dark/Winter Wonderland project. The group designed signs, created games, recruited volunteers, and set up the entire event. They also received donations of small gifts for the children who came to the event. The event went well, with 252 people from both communities attending the event. These families walked through the event in mixed groups and got to know each other.
Change Leaders: Afterschool Kids
The group spent the afternoon with an afterschool program for underprivileged kids. They brought gifts and food with them. Over the afternoon, they played games and put on activities, including face painting. The visit was well received and the afterschool kids asked the group to come back soon.
North to South: Rame Weekend
This group held a two-day meeting in mid-January that included some of the Rame students hosting their Ma'ale counterparts. After the overnight visits, the group went to the Rame school. There they had a tour of the school and spoke to the tenth graders about the Friends Forever program. The group presented their story to tenth graders at the Rame school.
Zvulil: Gleaning Vegetables
Our team from Carmel Zvulun and Al Galil High Schools spent the day volunteering at a local farm. They harvested broccoli and other vegetables to be distributed to local soup kitchens and shelters.
Uniquity: Coming Soon!
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Zvulil: Gleaning Vegetables

Our team from Carmel Zvulun and Al Galil High Schools spent the day volunteering at a local farm. They harvested broccoli and other vegetables to be distributed to local soup kitchens and shelters.