Skill Building Phase

The Skill Building Phase takes place in the United States for teams in the Northern Ireland and Middle East Programs. Teams from the U.S. Program spend their Skill Building Phase in Northern Ireland. The participants stay in host communities. This phase is 2 weeks long and takes place in the summer or fall.


In the Skill Building Phase of the program, the young people participate in a variety of activities to continue their mission. The aim is to create more lasting bonds between team members and reduce prejudice through working towards a shared goal. The teams partake in workshops, perform community service, and participate in several activities with the elderly. 


The Three Main Focuses


Volunteer Service

This focus helps the teams to learn the value of giving back to the community, how to identify needs and gives the experience of social action.

Community Connections

Meeting with community members provides experience with both telling their own stories and listening to the stories of others. By practicing these skills, participants are preparing themselves to listen to people from other walks of life at home.

Public Presentation

This is the capstone of the Skill Building Phase. Each participant is partnered with a team member from the other community. Together they develop and present a speech or presentation to members of the host community.

Example of A Public Presentation: Noa and Malak's Spoken Word Presentation
Example Skill Building Schedule

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