The Friends Forever International Leadership Program is based on 6 principles we call our RECIPE. The program is divided into 3 Phases are guided by the RECIPE to create an impactful program that can be implemented in many environments.


The Three Phases

Phase 1:
Team Building​

This phase occurs in the team’s home country. This is when participants meet for the first time to begin to break the ice and set expectations for the remainder of their program. During this phase, each team meets at least three times, including a parents meeting with FFI staff, and attends a 2-day preparation seminar with the other teams in their region.

Phase 2:
Skill Building​

This is the two-week period spent in the United States or Northern Ireland depending on the origin of the team. Abandoning their cell phones, the team eats, lives, and travels as a single unit for the entire two weeks. On average, a team will participate in 35 activities during their Skill Building Phase, focused on volunteer service, community engagement, and leadership development.  Each activity during this phase is aimed at preparing the team for their work when they return home.

Phase 3:
Community Building​

After a team returns home, they continue to meet to take what they’ve learned and implement their new skills into their community.  Over a series of at least 8 meetings, the team develops a Social Action Project that is designed to address a need in their community while engaging their families, friends, and neighborhoods in the process.



Identifying RESILIENCE 

We work to increase our leaders’ confidence in their ability to overcome challenges by encouraging them to face their fears and view failure as an opportunity to learn.

Practicing EMPATHY

Encouraging our leaders to cultivate their curiosity about the lives of others has the ability to highlight human experiences that transcend community lines.

Strengthening COMMUNICATION 

FFI is about empowering young people to best represent themselves and their communities. We give them the skills necessary to effectively share their story while at the same time truly listening to the stories of others.

Achieving IMPACT

Our program helps young people identify creative solutions to problems in their community and provides them with the tools to turn their ideas into reality.

Encouraging PLAYFULNESS 

FFI recognizes the importance of play as a way to explore creativity, develop friendships, and practice skills in a fun and engaging way.


A successful program relies on real commitment and determination from all involved. We show our young people that the more effort they put into the program, the more impact they will have.

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