Professional Leadership Program

2017 Ukrainian Delegations in Washington, DC

Program Dates

March 8-16, 2019


Host Sites

New England

In September of 2018, in partnership with Open World Leadership Center and FHI 360, Friends Forever International hosted its first delegation from the Open World Leadership Center, a legislative branch agency.


Prior to their arrival at the FFI Peace Campus, delegates complete an orientation in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill and have the opportunity to meet with members of Congress.


Once in Durham, delegates collaborate on best practices for youth work. Delegates will meet state political leaders and local community leaders. Additional activities include a tailored version of the FFI Leadership Program.

About Open World

Open World Leadership Center, a legislative branch agency, supports Congressional outreach for Members of Congress and conducts exchanges that establish lasting professional relationships between emerging leaders and their U.S. counterparts in democratic institutions. Delegates are provided with extensive exposure to American politics, civic life, and are hosted by American families. In 1999, Congress established Open World. Since then, more than 27,000 Eurasian leaders are alumni of Open World. To learn more about Open World, please click here:

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