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On this page, you can find all the information about our current Professional Leadership teams! These teams will be completing their Skill Building Phase this spring. Their Community Building Phases will end in the early part of next year. Use the menu to the left to navigate between the teams!

2019-20 Team Tajikistan


Mavjuda is the business manager of the NGO, Caravan of Hope, which is one of very few NGOs in Tajikistan that combats Trafficking in Persons and Domestic Violence. Additionally, she was a founding member and manager of its flag ship program-one of the first shelters for victims of domestic volience in the country. Mavjuda is the Project Manager (and one of the founders) of the “Chatr” Cafe, which helps survivors of domestic violence build job skills. Mavjuda is an active Zumba trainer. 


Dilafruz is the Head of the Legal Department at the NGO Office of Civil Liberties. She is one of the most prominent human rights attorneys in the Sughd region of Tajkistan and is one of the few female lawyers in the region. She is currently a Tajik human rights activist who advocates for the protection of conscripts’ rights in the Tajik Military. After the Tajik government closed her NGO-Amparoin 2012, Dilafuz founded her current NGO with a group of young activists in 2013. Dilafruz enjoys visiting historical places.


Nadzhminisso is PRmanager and Project Accountant at the Central Asian Network of Women with Disabilities. She is currently one of the most active members of the League of Women with Disabilities, called Inshtirok, and manages projects funded by the EU, OSCE, UNDP, etc. The most recent project managed by Nadzhminisso, worked to increase the capacity of the members of the Network of Women with disabilities in digital and information literacy. She enjoys swimming, cooking, and walking.


Muborak is a young specialist working in the International Relations Department at Kulob State University. She is a volunteer at American Corner in Kulob where she advances her English and encourages other girls in the community to learn English. In October 2019, she will be taking part in a forum with young girls from overseas and immigrants to discuss girls education and women's rights. She is interested in debate, table-tennis, and volleyball.


In less than three years, Firuza has successfully established the NGO “Idea” which is implementing the social project “I’m different.”  This project is dedicated to women who want to change their lives. Firuza has gathered a team of experts to provide women with the necessary skills and information which then helps them find proper jobs. “Idea” works with the women to adapt to the current socio-economical life of the country through trainings and consultations. Firuza likes running, reading books, collecting candles, and teaching.

Shafoat - Facilitator

Shafoat is Current Affairs Assistant at the U.S. Embassy, Tajikistan. She enjoys going for walks.

About Tajikistan

In 2018, FFI began to expand our program offerings beyond youth to work with adult community leaders from
around the globe. Tailoring each program to the specific participants and nations, past programs have included
Ukraine and Cyprus. In 2019, we are excited to welcome a team of five women from Tajikistan for eight days
of leadership development and shared learning. These women represent a cross-section of fields of interest that
include human rights, supporting victims of domestic violence, advocating for those with disabilities and empowering young women.

Tajikistan is the smallest Central Asian country and was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union from 1929 until
its independence in 1991. The Tajik people share a close kinship and their language with the people of northeastern Afghanistan. Despite sectarian differences (most Tajiks are Sunni Muslims, while Iranians are predominantly Shīites), Tajiks also have strong ties to the culture and people of Iran. Since the early years of independence, Tajikistan has been wracked by conflict between the government and the Islamic opposition and its allies. The area’s population is ethnically mixed, as it has been for centuries, but more than four-fifths of the population is ethnically Tajik.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to full independence in 1991. Once independence was achieved,
turmoil—degenerating into civil war—plagued the new country; communists fought to retain power in the face of
opposition from an alliance of Islamic and democratic forces. By the mid-1990s the fighting had left tens of thousands dead and had displaced more than a half million people. Sporadic fighting continued until June 1997, when a peace agreement brokered by the United Nations, Russia, and Iran essentially ended the war.

To learn more about Tajikistan, please visit:

2018-19 Team Ukraine Youth Workers

Taras - Facilitator

Taras is the Project Coordinator American Councils for International Education in Kyiv. He is interested in world history, political studies, literature, art, music, hiking, and sports.


Andrii is the Director of Lviv Oblast Youth Center. He is interested in hiking, traveling, driving, and collecting coins. This will be Andrii's first trip to the U.S.


"I wish to learn from the US experience of establishing and developing civil society movements.”


Iryna is the Deputy Director, Chernihiv Oblast Youth Center. She is interested in reading and going to the theater. This will be her first trip to the U.S.


“Also important are successful practices of creating conditions for young people's self-realization in their communities.”


Maria is the Head of Regional Youth Policy and Support of Youth Initiatives Section at the Department of Youth Policy, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. She is interested in reading motivational books, sports, riding bikes, and learning new things. This will be Mariia's first trip to the U.S.


"We are living in the complicated, but at the same time, momentous time. ”


Kyrylo is the Head of the NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council. He is interested in sports, playing board games, organizing team-building games. This will be his first trip to the U.S.


"I believe that my mission is to create opportunities for implementation of youth initiatives that are important for society.”


Olha is the Co-Founder/Director of the charitable foundation “Giving Joy”. She is interested in painting and pottery. This will be Olha's first trip to the U.S.

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