Past Initiatives

Friends Forever International is always looking for ways to expand our programs and partner with new communities to share our programs, such as our Uganda program. We also like to experiment with different ways our formula could be used in programs like Living the Language. Some expansions of our programs thrive, as our Israel program did when it was rebooted in 2008. But some don't quite make it, and those are the initiatives listed on this page. Some of these programs will be restarted, some will be reimagined, and some might remain in our history, but each was worth the work and passion that went into them.


Uganda: 2015

Using the strategies from our other international programs, Friends Forever International expanded to establish our first African program. Partnering with Youth Passionate Organization (YPO), a group dedicated to conflict resolution through music and dance, we worked with youth leaders from the greater Kampala region of Uganda. 


Initial support for this pilot project came from Rotary International District 7780, Rotary International District 6490, and the Couchsurfing Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.


Update: May 2017

FFI is currently working to reboot the Uganda Program. More information coming soon!


Domestic: 2011

Friends Forever International has worked with young leaders from over 70 different immigrant, refugee and new resident populations whose presence is rapidly increasing in New Hampshire's urban communities.  


Our domestic program is a new opportunity for communities in the United States to apply the Friends Forever Formula to the conflict and tension that may be occurring in their own neighborhoods.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring Friends Forever to your state, please contact Steven Martineau.


Update: April 2017

Friends Forever International is currently working on several new Domestic Programs. These new programs will have different focuses than the original program. The Boston To Belfast Youth Empowerment Program is cultural exchange program that uses hockey as a common starting point. Spaulding High School is partnering with FFI to create a youth leadership program that would overlap with our international programs.


Living the Language: 2012-2013

The Living the Language cultural exchange program took place in the Arab village of Ein Mahel, Israel. Volunteers worked at Al Abhara elementary school with young Arab Palestinian Israelis, helping them improve their English language skills to give them more opportunities for cross-cultural communication.


The program was a fantastic opportunity for university students interested in:

International Relations, Education, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Middle East Studies, Arabic Language and Cultural Studies, Youth Work, Cross-cultural Communities, TOEFL


The Living the Language (LTL) Program Fee of $2,000* covered:


  • Preparation & training before departure

  • Airfare and transportation

  • Food & lodging in your host country

  • A welcoming host family

  • On-going support and supervision

  • Cultural activities and excursions

  • Emergency medical and travel insurance

  • An opportunity to learn, gain experience working abroad, and be part of a movement towards greater peace and understanding



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