New Orleans

Beginning in spring of 2018, FFI’s New Orleans Host Community became a site for alumni training. We have been strengthening our alumni programs in recent years, and our new training site has given us an opportunity to provide more hands-on experience for our alumni ambassadors and fellows.


A mixed group of our alumni from our Northern Ireland programs traveled to the greater New Orleans area in late March to work directly with community members. They participated in higher level workshops focused on race relations in the region, promoted Friends Forever International’s work, and strengthened the work of our alumni in Northern Ireland back home to build the alumni network into a robust network of young professionals that are improving their neighborhoods, communities, and the world by combining their personal passions with a greater purpose.


As part of the application process, each applicant submitted their plans for a service project in the New Orleans area, focused on cultural tensions in the area. During their time in the U.S., the team carried out each service project and learned about the inner workings of community organizations from those working directly on the ground. 



Special thanks to our major program sponsors:

Rotary Club of Metairie

Enact, LLC

Rotary Club of LaPlace


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