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Friends Forever International is part of a broad and crucial movement of organizations who have spent decades working to end violence in conflict regions by promoting peace through coexistence. Our members from around the globe have come together to form a powerful grassroots network of people who believe that the path to peace is through helping youth leaders understand their perceived enemies are more similar than they are different.


Interested in becoming an FFI Partner? Click the button below. For any questions, email our two Program Staff, Chelsea Fitton at, or Tegan Kurzynowski at


Stephen Martineau,

Executive Director


Chelsea Fitton,

Sr. Programs &

Community Engagement Manager



Tegan Kurzynowski,

Programs & Community Engagement Manager


“We in Friends Forever open the minds, eyes and hearts of the youth to think, see and feel peace. They will be the leaders whom will make real peace.”

- Raed, Middle Eastern Coordinator

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