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Intern at our Global Headquarters in New Hampshire and help inspire the next generation of Friends Forever International volunteers and participants.


The Guy Buesing Fellowship was created in 2016 in honor of founding Board Member, Guy Buesing. Guy was a pivotal part of Friends Forever International for the last 3 decades. He and his family not only provided essential operating funds, but he also volunteered directly with the youth. Whether it was driving the van in our early years, running leadership workshops for young people from Belfast, or dancing with groups of Jewish and Arab students, Guy brought a sense of fun to everything he did.

2019 Guy Buesing Fellowship Recipient:

Abbie Robinson

Abbie is a graduate of the 2016 Europe/UK Program and spent 2 weeks with the New England host community. Abbie is still in school full-time but is looking ahead to forging a path as a primary school teacher. She is passionate about sports, especially football (soccer), and also plans to get a sports degree so she can coach youth. Abbie has facilitated several sports-based programs and enjoys helping her participants succeed and learn about their strengths. She will be leading an FFI team this October from Belfast.


Abbie was awarded with the 2019 Guy Buesing Fellowship for her involvement with the FFI Alumni Movement and her sense of fun. As part of her Fellowship, Abbie will be interning at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, this summer. During this time, she will assist with program development and meet with local community members.

To learn more about Abbie's work or to invite her to speak while in the United States, contact Amelia, 603.397.5301 or email


Guy with his grandson and son, Eric, who now serves on our Board of Directors.

About Guy


Guy Buesing was the longest serving Board Member in the history of Friends Forever International, having served as a volunteer via the Portsmouth Rotary Club at its founding in 1986 all the way thru 2015. In these 29 years, Guy represented all that makes FFI special: A life that had a global outlook both in theory and in practice, an understanding that we can expect more from young people than we currently ask and that we should always remember that the enthusiasm of youth should be cheered not dampened, and also that citizens from all backgrounds here in the US can and should be given the opportunity to directly participate in the international peace process from their own backyard. Guy would also never let on, but through his advocacy with the Knistrom Foundation, he secured nearly $300,000 in gifts for FFI in his 30 years of engagement. Many of these gifts came at times of “crisis” for the organization and there is a strong chance that without his steadfast support, there would be no FFI. And that would mean that many of the 1,500 youth whether they are Protestant and Catholic and grew up under the shade of the Peace Wall in Belfast, or Jewish and Palestinian-Israelis living in a land that seems always in conflict, and now the young people of Uganda, would not have the life changing experience of a full year program that impacts so many more lives than just their own.

In the early days of Friends Forever International, he would drive the Van as a Rotarian, lead workshops on dialogue and how to do Pros and Cons, and just hang out and dance with the group. In the last decade, when not in Florida, Guy would be available for breakfasts and lunches and was a great sounding board for ideas but also ensured that the organization stayed true to its vision of citizen diplomacy and grassroots engagement, no matter how large we got, and he was thrilled to see us grow. FFI is proud to have been a part of Guy’s life and will carry on his legacy as a global citizen who understood that one person can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people in a positive way.

Past Fellows

Amit is a graduate of our Middle East Program. In the summer of 2016, Amit spent two weeks in our New England host community learning how to step forward and make her voice heard. Since returning home, Amit has continued to use her voice to challenge those around her to think differently.


Friends Forever International chose to award Amit with the 2018 Guy Buesing Fellowship for her commitment to mentoring others and spreading the FFI spirit to new communities. As part of her Fellowship, Amit interned at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, from early July to early August. During that time, Amit developed and led workshops for our 2018 teams, met with local students and figures, and worked in the office with staff and other fellows to strengthen our programs and develop new initiatives to engage our participants and alumni.

Amit Elazar, 2018

Shachar is a graduate of our Middle East Program. In the summer of 2015, Shachar spent two weeks in our New England host community, learning that change has to start from inside us. After gaining tools to help her spread that change, she returned home and now empowers others to learn the same skills.

Friends Forever International chose to award Shachar with the 2017 Guy Buesing Award for her commitment to encouraging change through action and leadership. As part of her Fellowship, Shachar will be interning at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, from June 12th – July 25nd. During this time, Shachar will develop and lead workshops for our 2017 groups, meet with local students and figures, and work in the office to strengthen our current programs and develop new initiatives to engage our participants and alumni.

Shachar Weiss, 2017

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