Generational Giving

Friends Forever International launched its Generations Family Giving Program in June of 2013, in each of its five U.S Host Communities


The Generations Family Giving Program is a platform for American families to engage all generations in philanthropy.  We believe youth are underutilized assets in the charitable contribution decision-making process and should become involved at an earlier age. Each Generations group is comprised of a handful of young donors, ages 10-18, their parents and/or grandparents*.  Generations provide American students the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a series of meetings with Friends Forever International staff to learn about the giving process and how to work as a team to prioritize, decide where their family’s support will go and establish metrics for success.

  • See the effects or their sponsored programs through a site visit and Q&A session with participants to witness their donation dollars in action.

  • Present their decision making process and evaluation of outcomes to the Friends Forever International Board of Directors.

Our innovative giving program provides an opportunity for young people to learn first-hand the process of philanthropic giving.  A donation through FFI will prepare a child or young adult for a lifetime of global understanding, serving others and becoming aware of the unique responsibilities that come with a philanthropic lifestyle.


We encourage all families to consider participating in a Generations Family Giving Program in their community** and help us to pass on our mission from one generation to the next.  


* With an annual family pledge of $1,000

**Host Communities include New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Louisiana, and Illinois.

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