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Are you interested in supporting one of our alumni who has demonstrated a commitment to Friends Forever International and our values? FFI has over 1,500 alumni globally and is working with 100 new youth annually. These young men and women bring an enthusiasm and dedication to leadership and peace-building that is inspiring. With this in mind, we have established scholarships for “Fellows”. These funds will provide annual scholarships* for alumni that meet not only FFI’s requirements but also that align with the donor’s passion. These alumni will be working both at FFI’s global headquarters in Durham, NH but also commit to working in the region of the world where they are from. You can also ask that the scholarship fund a specific field of interest i.e. the environment, arts, politics, youth work etc.


If you or your family are interested in creating a gift that provides a scholarship for alumni in perpetuity, we have an easy way for you to make that happen. Please contact Executive Director, Stephen Martineau ( and he will answer any questions you may have. Please note, these funds will be managed by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. If you have questions about how the Foundation manages this gift, please contact Simon Delekta at


*Named scholarship funds require a minimum start gift of $25,000 and a full fellowship will require a total investment of $50,000. This will provide the annual returns required to cover the expenses and the principle cannot be touched.

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