Fellowship Application Requirements

In order to be considered for a Friends Forever International Fellowship, applicants must:


  • Be at least 18 years of age and have completed the program at least a year prior to applying

  • Have a very strong command of English

  • Have participated in the full Friends Forever International program and completed it in good standing.

  • Have demonstrated each of the following characteristics through their actions and activities since returning from the U.S. Skill Building Phase:

    • Initiative, the ability to work independently and put ideas into action. This quality would be demonstrated by creating or being involved in independent service projects outside of FFI.

    • Commitment to co-existence and/or cross-community relations

    • Dedication to empowering others and improving their community

    • Maturity, the ability to work in a professional environment

Application Checklist:​​


  • Fellowship Reference filled out by one of the following:

    • a teacher, principal, guidance counselor

    • coach, youth movement leader, community leader

    • boss, supervisor

    • Current/Former FFI Staff Member

    • Current/Former FFI Partner Organization (School, Youth Club, YMCA)

    • Current/Former FFI Volunteer

    • Current FFI Alum


All applications will be reviewed as received. Those selected for the fellowship will be notified as soon as possible and the fellowship dates will be scheduled individually based on the availability of the fellow and of Friends Forever International staff and facilities.


Our goal is to offer this fellowship to alumni who represent all of the different communities involved in our program, around the world. For this reason, and because of our limited resources, some exceptionally strong applicants may be asked to reapply in future years.

Fellowship Responsibilities

Friends Forever International Fellowships can occur over varying time frames, with different focuses. However, all Fellowship will share the following responsibilities to some degree.


The Fellow serves as a representative and ambassador of Friends Forever International, assisting FFI staff, offering feedback, and working on self-directed projects to help us improve our programs.


Each fellow’s particular work plan will vary based on the self-directed projects that they choose to highlight in their application, their experience in the U.S. during the Skill Building Phase, and the skills and expertise that they bring to the fellowship. However, the fellowship should involve all of the following:


  • Work on self-directed fellowship projects with the guidance of Friends Forever International staff. These projects should aim to produce a tangible result at the end of the fellowship. In the past, these projects have included:

    • Creation of an Alumni Engagement Workbook (click to see the finished product!)

    • Translation of the FFI website

    • Reworking of the U.S. Skill Building Phase Application for youth

    • Workshop Development


  • Public presentations and workshops


  • Creating and encouraging connections with others involved in FFI: Coordinators, alumni, leaders, etc.


  • Professional development and/or leadership development towards the goals laid out in the fellowship application and work plan



Upon returning home, our fellows will be expected to act as ambassadors for Friends Forever International and catalysts for change among their own alumni communities. While their individual projects are important, the fellow’s ability to empower others will be the defining factor in the success of the program. Those selected for the fellowship will be those that demonstrate the most potential to create change in their communities and to help others to do the same.

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