FFI Domestic Program for Cyprus Partners


This domestic version of our program can be customized to last anywhere from six months to a year.

Team Building Phase

  • One to two months

  • Seminar at your organization

  • Team name and logo design

Skill Building Phase

  • 6-9 days long

  • Hosted in Israel

  • Encompasses 15+ workshops and activities, some led by FFI’s international alumni

Community Building Phase

  • At least five meetings

  • Team designs and implements Social Action Project($250 mini-grant available from FFI) 


FFI offers the strongest programs in the education tour field and maximizes every dollar. Compared to other major education tour programs which can run $6,000 a student for only a week abroad, FFI provides year-long programs for half the cost.

$24,000 (12 person team)
  • Team Building Seminar

  • All-inclusive trip to Israel

  • 15+ workshops and activities

  • In-house team graphic design

  • FFI water bottles, day packs, uniforms and shirts branded with team logo and name

  • Access to 200+ page curriculum

  • Access to mini-grant for team community project through FFI

Apply to FFI

The following are the basic steps for applying to become an FFI Partner! 

Submit a Partner Application.

Fill out the Program Partner Application form.

Organizations are asked to apply six months in advance of their preferred program dates. FFI limits the number of teams in progress at any given time to ensure the quality of our programs.

Talk with FFI Program Staff.

All applicants will be contacted by FFI to set-up an in-person or video meeting with your organization to discuss the application and potential programs.


This is an essential part of beginning to tailor our programs for your goals. No two FFI programs are the same!

Plan your FFI Program.

Accepted partners then begin planning their program!


Accepted partners must return their signed contract in a timely fashion.

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