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On this page, you can find all the information about our current Cyprus teams! These teams will be completing their Skill Building Phase this summer. Their Community Building Phases will end in the early part of next year. Use the menu to the left to navigate between the teams!

2018-19 Team

One Love, One Island
Meet the Team

Diamando holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Political Science and a Master’s in International Relations. Parallel to her studies, she has also participated and volunteered in different conferences and festivals, such as the Model UN in Rome and the bicommunal Buffer Fringe Festival, during her internship in the Home for Cooperation. She is also a member of the cultural club of her local community, which aims to preserve the Cypriot cultural heritage and teach the youth about it, through various activities.


Gokhan studied Computer Education & Educational Technologies and he used to be a professional basketball player. He has worked with his local community for many years, empowering the youth and helping the less fortunate. He has worked as a basketball Coach with Peaceplayers Cyprus, an organization which brings together Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot youth together, as well as youth from other communities in Cyprus, to foster peaceful relations and cooperation between them. He has worked as a Chef for many years and is currently running his own eco-street Coffee project.


Christina works as a Personal Leadership Coach and Trainer. She graduated in Philosophy and then went on to study International Relations, and Guidance, at a Master’s level. She has been working with youth for many years as a Youth Trainer, in collaboration with many non-governmental and semi-governmental organizations in Cyprus and abroad. She is the Vice President of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Cyprus and a member of various NGOs’ Pools of Trainers. Christina is passionate about positive transformation through personal and professional development, starting from the personal level, to the collective. Through her work, and also as a peace and environmental activist, she motivates people to take personal responsibility in order to achieve conscious, meaningful, fulfilling living.


Volkan is a doctoral researcher at the University of Bath in the UK. Prior to starting his Ph.D. research, he obtained BSc and MSc degrees in Neuroscience from the University of Bristol. Aside from his studies, Volkan is passionate about working on projects that bring the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities together to promote peace in Cyprus. Volkan has previously participated in a bi-communal youth program and he is passionate about giving back to the youth in Cyprus by introducing new leadership building projects to the youth in Cyprus.

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