2019 Robert Raiche Fellowship Recipient:

Yuval Klaiman

Yuval is a graduate of the 2017 Middle East Program and spent 2 weeks with the New England host community. Yuval is finishing high school this year. He is also working as a manager at an arcade place in a local mall in the city. 60% of the customers are Arabs and Yuval credits his FFI experience for allowing him to interact comfortably with them and speak to them in their own language. When they ask how he speaks Arabic so well, he tells them about FFI. Yuval hasn’t decided what he’d like to pursue as a career but knows he wants to help people, perhaps as a coach or police officer.


Yuval was presented with the 2019 Robert Raiche Fellowship for his involvement with the FFI Alumni Movement and commitment to bettering his community. As part of his Fellowship, Yuval will be interning at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, this summer. During this time, Yuval will meet with local community members and assist with program development.

To learn more about Yuval's work or to invite him to speak while in the United States,

contact the Alumni Coordinator, Amelia, 603.397.5301 or email amelia@ff.international.

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