2019 Maxine Morse Fellow Fellowship Recipient:

Robyn Beattie

Robyn is a graduate of the 2017 Europe/UK Program and spent 2 weeks with the New England host community. Robyn is studying in Belfast, following her goal to become a doctor and work with Doctors without Borders. She is learning Arabic and Hebrew in order to explore their specific cultures, arts, and music. Robyn is working as a lifeguard with the local council and holds a voluntary post as a swimming teacher with Lisburn City Swimming Club’s ‘Learn to Swim’ school. There, she is working with children and a group of young people with disabilities.


Robyn was awarded the 2019 Maxine Morse Fellowship for her involvement with the FFI Alumni Movement and her commitment to making a difference in the world. As part of her Fellowship, Robyn will be interning at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, this summer. During this time, she will assist with program development and meet with local community members.

If you would like to meet Robyn, contact the Alumni Coordinator, Amelia, 603.397.5301 or email amelia@ff.international.

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