2019 Guy Buesing Fellowship Recipient:

Abbie Robinson

Abbie is a graduate of the 2016 Europe/UK Program and spent 2 weeks with the New England host community. Abbie is still in school full-time but is looking ahead to forging a path as a primary school teacher. She is passionate about sports, especially football (soccer), and also plans to get a sports degree so she can coach youth. Abbie has facilitated several sports-based programs and enjoys helping her participants succeed and learn about their strengths. She will be leading an FFI team this October from Belfast.


Abbie was awarded with the 2019 Guy Buesing Fellowship for her involvement with the FFI Alumni Movement and her sense of fun. As part of her Fellowship, Abbie will be interning at the FFI Headquarters in Durham, NH, this summer. During this time, she will assist with program development and meet with local community members.

To learn more about Abbie's work or to invite her to speak while in the United States, contact the Alumni Coordinator, Amelia, 603.397.5301 or email amelia@ff.international.

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