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“I want to make a difference in my community.”

~ Natalie Gauthier

2019 Eileen D. Foley Fellowship Recipient:

Natalie Gauthier

Natalie is a graduate of our Americas Program. In the spring of 2018, Natalie spent ten days in Northern Ireland as part of our first team from Spaulding High School (SHS) in Rochester, New Hampshire. While there, she learned directly from our alumni and explored a new culture. After learning how to connect with communities to create positive change, Natalie returned to New Hampshire and made it a goal to make a difference in her own community. 


Friends Forever International chose to award Natalie with the 2019 Eileen D. Foley Fellowship for her commitment to lifting up others to create an impact beyond what one can do alone.


Natalie will be joining alumni from across the globe this summer to help run our summer programs for our teams from the Middle East, Northern Ireland, and the United States. 

Since joining FFI, Natalie has:
  • Started the “International Buddy Program” at Spaulding High School, pairing Spaulding and international students based on their hobbies and lunch blocks to provide international students with a support group and friends to make their transition a positive experience.

  • Begun working with the 2019 Spaulding Friends Forever team, offering support and advice.

  • Joined the Principal’s Council which plans school-wide activities and helps with events in the community to improve the spirit/unity at SHS and the school’s reputation.

2019 Eileen D. Foley Fellow Speech, Natalie

To learn more about Natalie’s work or to invite her to speak to your organization,

contact the Alumni Coordinator, Amelia, 603.397.5301 or email

Friends Forever International

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