Community Building Phase

When the groups return home, we expect them to include public presentations in their Community Building Phase; this will lead to an increase in the young people’s comfort in presenting their ideas and experiences in public. We want young people to have the confidence and belief to inspire and motivate others to have a positive impact on the life of others. We want the participants to lead others and be active role models in society.


The Community Building Phase takes place after the participants return to their communities. During this time, they must meet a minimum of 8 times (this may vary by program) to graduate from the program successfully.


The biggest component of the Community Building Phase is the Social Action Project. This project is first discussed during the Skill Building Phase but is brought to completion during this last stage.


If you are interested in working with a group during the Community Building Phase, please reach out to them directly.


Social Action Projects:

The Impact of Our Community Building Phase

By the end their Skill Building Phase each group has developed plans for a Social Action Project to complete when returning home using the skills they develope during the program. This Project is designed to address a need in their community and continue the Friends Forever International mission while engaging their families, friends, and communities in the process. Each team can apply for funding for their social action project through a grant-style process with FFI. They outline their concept, how they are planning to implement the project, and fill out a budget before submitting a funding request. This process gives them valuable experience for planning future projects to impact their communities. 


Learn about social action projects from past years and check in on this year's projects!

A 2017 team's Social Action Project was to bring warming kits to homeless residents of Belfast.

Alumni Have an Impact

Friends Forever International is much more than a two-week trip to the US...its the start of a new way of thinking about how youth can lead the charge for peace, understanding, and service in their homelands. Watch the brief video here for an example of a workshop in Israel led by past graduates for current and future participants.

For more about how our Alumni make a difference, check out our Alumni Section.

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